Women for Oncology Worldwide

Inspired by the positive example of the ESMO Women for Oncology Forum, several initiatives are being undertaken at a national level.

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Italy: Women for Oncology

“Awareness of today for future leadership of tomorrow”

Women for Oncology Italy is a new initiative promoted by AIOM and AIRC, under the auspices of ESMO, to address the serious lack of female oncologists in leadership positions. Women for Oncology Italy intends to promote events and coaching activities to generate mutual support and career enhancements for female oncology professionals. The ultimate goal of the group is to nurture future oncology leaders and neutralise gender imbalance in leadership positions.         

Next Event: "Masterclass in oncologia. Leadership declinata al femminile: comunicazione on line e off line". Two workshops addressing the topics of social media, online and offline communication as well as non-verbal communication skills.

First workshop: Naples, 15-16 February 2017

Second workshop: to be announced

Take a look at the pictures of the W4O Italy workshops’ past editions:

Women for Oncology Italy Workshops 2016

Marina Garassino

Less than 20 women in Italy are heads of oncology departments and less than 20% participate in oncology congresses as invited speakers. Women for Oncology Italy aims to support women’s career development in Italy by increasing their leadership skills through networking and mentorship programmes. The first two events, in May and September 2016, will focus on communication and management skills for women.

Marina Chiara Garassino, Women for Oncology in Italy
Scientific Committee Member

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Greece: W4O-Hellas

Women in Oncology in Greece

From left: Helena Linardou, Amanda Psyrri, Zenia Saridaki, Sofia Agelaki, Athena Christopoulou and Eleni Galani at the first Women in Oncology in Greece forum

“W4O-Hellas” is a network of women professionals practicing oncology in Greece. The Hellenic initiative has a dual aim; to create a support network for women oncologists and, at the same time, form a dialogue between female doctors and female cancer patients.

Formed in May 2014, W4O-Hellas is coordinated by a committee of six women medical oncologists: Sofia Agelaki, Athena Christopoulou, Eleni Galani, Helena Linardou, Amanda Psyrri and Zenia Saridaki.

In 2014 its first initiative was to record the status of women oncology professionals (medical, radiation, surgical) in Greece through an online survey. The results were presented at the 2014 ESMO Congress.

In October 2014, the first W4O-Hellas forum took place and has been followed by several other successful events, including a 2nd Forum in 2015, and a 3rd Forum in 2016, always focused on networking activities aimed at supporting women oncologists in Greece and across Europe.

Next Event: to be announced

Take a look at the pictures of the W4O Hellas workshops’ past editions:

Women for Oncology Greece Workshops

Helena Linardou

This forum of women will promote the interaction and exchange of ideas among women oncologists in Greece and across Europe and will embrace and assist them throughout their career in oncology. The novelty, however, is that at the same time, this forum will offer advice, awareness and support directly from women oncologists to women suffering from cancer and their families in Greece.

Helena Linardou, representative of the Coordinating Committee of W4O-Hellas

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