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ESMO Preceptorships: Testimonials

Are you thinking of applying to take part in an ESMO Preceptorship meeting? Previous participants share their thoughts and experiences...


“As a practicing doctor, I understand the significance of staying updated with standard practices derived from clinical trials. However, I truly believe in the importance of exploring alternative approaches that do not harm patients while integrating newer therapies. I will encourage my colleagues to engage with ESMO events and advocate for enhanced cancer care within Latin America. Engaging with key opinion leaders in breast cancer has been an educative experience. Their accessibility and kindness have been inspiring. Also, interacting with young oncologists has been enriching. I have found immense value in forging new friendships and discovering opportunities for professional advancement and fostering a spirit of mentorship to inspire the next generation of physicians to pursue their careers in oncology."

Sara Altuna, Venezuela
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Sao Paulo, March 2024


“Participating in this course has enabled me to learn and review the latest recommendations and treatment of lung cancer. I am committed to applying them in the treatment of my patients in my daily practice. It was a privilege to engage with the best European doctors in the field and meet colleagues from across the continent. What I appreciated most was the opportunity to freely ask questions and engage in discussions on every topic discussed during the course."

Cieszymierz Gawiński, Poland
ESMO-The Christie Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Manchester, March 2024


“This meeting was an invaluable opportunity to explore the molecular and pathological aspects of kidney and bladder cancer while delving into latest treatment options available. Engaging in discussions with experts enriched my understanding, provided practical insights that I intend to integrate into my daily practice enabling me to make more informed decisions and deliver enhanced care to my patients. Particularly enlightening were the discussions on real-life cases and the latest treatment modalities. Interacting with both experts and young doctors was inspiring, with the enthusiasm and knowledge shared by the faculty proving truly motivating. Additionally, the impeccable organization of the meeting contributed to an overall positive experience."

Kateryna Hlovatska, Ukraine
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Lugano, April 2024


“This meeting was eye-opening. I understood the importance of collaboration and its role in enabling good patient outcomes as well as fostering a good learning environment. This meeting stressed the need of local research to map out disease patterns characteristics and treatment responses. It also compelled me to be more objective not only in clinical practice but also in developing research skills. I really appreciated having the opportunity to listen to different perspectives from different parts of the country. And seeing how much Kenya has improved in the medical field gives me motivation to grow, enhance my skills and broaden my network."

Elizabeth Mutura, Kenya
ESMO Preceptorship on Esophageal Cancer, Nairobi, February 2024


“This preceptorship exceeded my expectations and I really learned a lot. The speakers clarified how to screen for liver cancer and I am now aware of the specific groups to target. I also learned about the importance of biopsies and the role of molecular alterations in response to treatments. I feel that I can now better manage liver cancer patients. I am keen to increase collaboration in the multidisciplinary team discussions specially with the pathologist in order to improve screening for patients at risk (Hepatitis, liver disease, etc.). Moreover, I will develop a questionnaire to collect real world data on treatment efficacy and patient survivorship in my setting. I particularly appreciated the course professional yet warm environment that facilitated my learning."

Kenn Chi Ndi, Cameroon
ESMO Preceptorship on Liver Cancer, Nairobi, February 2024


“Participating in the Preceptorship on Breast Cancer as a first-time attendee has been an invaluable immersion into the current evidence-based knowledge in breast cancer management, condensed in a concise and impactful experience. At the meeting, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the multidisciplinary approach required for optimal patient care, with an emphasis on supportive care services and survivorship planning. My overall experience was truly valuable and enriching, from the organization of the preceptorship  to the expert faculty  and  interactive discussions  with a diverse  group of  participants from different countries. Overall, this course has equipped me with the essential knowledge and confidence to navigate the complexities of breast cancer management effectively in my future practice."

Diane Andrea Ndoli, Rwanda
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Cape Town, February 2024


“This Preceptorship was an outstanding event. The thing I valued the most is the excellent exchanging experience I had with international panelists and colleagues. I learned how to manage NSCLC and SCLC in my daily practice and the importance of MDT discussions to offer a personalized treatment to each patient. Last but not least, I appreciated the practical takeaway of each session, presenting some clinical cases that allowed us to best memorize the speakers’ take home messages. Thank you ESMO for this opportunity!”

Hind El Yacoubi, Morocco
ESMO Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Rabat, January 2024


“This Preceptorship was excellent! The atmosphere was extremely friendly and productive; it was the perfect setting where one could ask questions and learn from international leading experts in the field about best practice approaches based on current evidence and outlooks for future developments. I especially enjoyed the interdisciplinary faculty (consisting of oncologists, pathologists, interventional radiologists, surgeons and hepatologists) which allowed us to get the full picture. By attending this Preceptorship I now feel much more confident in managing HCC patients.”

Bernhard Scheiner, Austria
ESMO Preceptorship on Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Madrid, December 2023


“By attending this ESMO Preceptorship, I have learned about the different aspects to take into consideration when treating prostate cancer patients, as well as the place where newer treatments have in the course of Prostate Cancer. After this meeting I think I will be able to adapt the treatment of my patients to newer standards as well as adapting my department’s methods and routines. It was a very positive experience learning new things and go deeper into established treatments and strategies, learning what lays behind treatment options and how it has come to that. Being able to freely exchange opinions and experiences with fellow physicians is always the best way to gain confidence in what we do in clinical practice. The course faculty was always willing to answer questions and share opinions from both scientific research and own experience. The one thing I appreciated most was the structure of the meeting allowing for presentations and free discussions.”

Gabriel Moise, Sweden
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Lugano, December 2023


“This Preceptorship was very useful to my clinical practice and for young oncologists like me, this course is honestly a must! The thing I appreciated the most, was the chance to talk with the world’s leading experts in the field, who took the time to listen and to answer to all of us participants. During this course I learned from basic to advanced notions about treating patients with early-stage as well as metastatic gastric cancer, and how to care for patients with dedication and enthusiasm. From now on, I will fully assess the conditions before treating them and I will actively update my knowledge thanks to the ESMO resources.”

Giang Pham, Vietnam
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Singapore, November 2023


“This Preceptorship was a great experience for me! The chance to interact with and acquire knowledge from top authorities in the field, allowed me to gain important insights about tumour biology, diagnosis, management and screening. The interactive format of the course made it possible to comprehend the problems and new developments in breast cancer on a deeper level, and now I feel more prepared to contribute to the progress in the field. My participation in this Preceptorship will significantly impact my daily practice, by applying the gained knowledge, I will enhance patient care and improve treatment strategies.”

Bishal Paudel, Nepal
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Singapore, November 2023


“This meeting allowed me to get a condensed overview of all the hot topics in thoracic oncology and to get the latest data in a smaller meeting than the ESMO congress. I feel confident that after attending this meeting, my daily practice in treating and following patients will be more up to date. I really enjoyed this experience and I hope I will be able to attend another ESMO Preceptorship in the future. I appreciated the expertise of the panel of experts who were very open and allowed every attendant to feel comfortable in asking questions. The small format of the meting allowed everyone to participate and share knowledge, for the benefit of everyone – patients first!”

Blandine Jelli, Belgium
ESMO Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Lisbon, November 2023


“Thanks to this Preceptorship, I am certainly more attentive to the varied tools currently used in geriatric medicine that can be utilised to better understand this sub-population of patients and offer a more holistic approach to care. I am also more conscious of how much more susceptible these patients are to developing treatment toxicity and how best to manage this. There are well known barriers to recruiting the elderly population to clinical trials, which means that they are under-represented and at a disadvantage when trying to determine the optimal treatment options for these patients. Obtaining some insight into what these barriers are and how to overcome them was of great value. Excellent organization throughout! The organisers communicated key stages at appropriate times, responded very well to any queries and created and excellent program of talks/speakers that made the meeting highly educational. I further very much appreciated the integration of key speakers for each topic alongside talks from more junior colleagues. This allowed for a more integrated approach, encouraging novel ideas from those of differing backgrounds. This was a fantastic opportunity to network among those who share similar interests and this was done in a welcoming setting.”

Zoulikha Zair, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Cancer Care in Elderly Patients, Lugano, November 2023


“By attending this ESMO Preceptorship, as a surgeon, I learnt more about therapeutic approaches in Breast Cancer treatment, especially in the metastatic setting. This meeting will definitely have an influence on the treatment plan during MDTs. Even though not every option is available in my country, at least now I know they exist and I can suggest them to the patients. In this perfectly organized meeting, I gained great experience in multiple areas. Every topic regarding breast cancer has been thoroughly addressed. I mostly appreciated the interactive aspect of this Preceptorship and the possibility I had to ask my questions and to learn from the questions asked by the other participants.”

Sona Hayrapetova, Armenia
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lugano, October 2023


“This Preceptorship provided invaluable insights into recent advances in cancer immunotherapy as well as essentials of tumour immunology. It has equipped me with evidence-based knowledge to offer my patients the best possible treatment and manage their immune-related adverse events effectively. The course was well-organized, with engaging talks and expert faculty, and networking with fellow oncologists enhanced the experience. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with the learning and networking opportunities provided by this Preceptorship. It was really a great experience!”

Ali Abdulnabi Suwaidan, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, September 2023


"The participation in the meeting has allowed us to get deeper knowledge about hereditary cancers, their genetics and molecular basis and to gain insights into the application of this knowledge in our clinical practice. I believe I will become more aware of the challenges and recommended strategies specifically developed for hereditary cancers, which will enhance my expertise in this field so as to provide better care for my patients. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with the best experts in the field, as well as other young oncologists, and to build a network of colleagues who are interested in hereditary cancers. I enjoyed the presentations and also fruitful discussions that followed them, very much. The programme was quite intense, but kept me engaged the whole time, thanks to the outstanding quality and relevance of the presentations. Even though I appreciated the programme of the event a lot and gained a lot of insights, the best thing for me was the networking and building new connections with the colleagues which would hopefully develop into successful collaborations in the future!"

Alina Pirshtuk, Czech Republic
ESMO Preceptorship on Hereditary Cancer Genetics, Paris, September 2023


“This course addressed all the controversies in the treatment of localized and advanced gastric cancer while providing a most recent update on the state-of-art of clinical practice. Thanks to this course I gained a more comprehensive knowledge that will allow me to make informed decisions when treating my patients daily. My experience is 100% positive. It is inspiring to closely discuss with key opinion leaders while learning the treatment standards outside my country. The thoroughness of the notions delivered was astonishing. It is exciting to be part of such a diverse community of healthcare professionals!”

Paolo Manca, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Valencia, September 2023


“Thanks to this Preceptorship, I have learned more about the supporting evidence for current guidelines and the areas of controversy, as well as which emerging therapies to look out for. I also learned new information on rare subtypes. The talks on resistance were fantastic! The data presented here will influence my choice of maintenance therapy across all patients and my choices around surgery and chemotherapy for frail patients. I think this is the best Preceptorship I have attended in terms of balance of established and new knowledge, as well as the informal setting and the ability to discuss with faculty. In fact, I appreciated most the chance to ask questions to faculty both during the sessions and in the course breaks. I hope that ESMO will schedule another Preceptorship to discuss other gynaecological malignancies in the future!”

Alison Berner, United Kingdom

ESMO Preceptorship on Ovarian Cancer, Lisbon, September 2023


“This Preceptorship helped me consolidate my knowledge in my field of work: LGI Cancer. I got an update about the latest trials as well as a preview of how treatments may change in the future. I also gained an enhanced understanding of the evidence that undergoes treatment, which will support me when discussing treatment options with patients and colleagues. I feel that I learned a lot from a very knowledgeable and approachable faculty, and would definitely judge this as an exceptionally positive experience. Most of all, considering that especially over the last few years (due to Covid-19) it felt quite isolating working in healthcare, I really appreciated having this opportunity to interact with colleagues from across Europe.”

Christopher Roberts, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2023


“This Preceptorship has been a unique opportunity to learn about the emerging data and discuss the open questions in the treatment of metastatic bladder and kidney cancer. I highly appreciated the interaction between experts and participants, which encourages critical thinking and offers applicable knowledge for the daily practice. Furthermore, this meeting will undoubtedly be very helpful in the preparation of my ESMO Examination. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Dimitar Stefanovski, Slovenia 
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Lugano, March 2023


“This Preceptorship allowed me to get a great overview on the newest guidelines and a comprehensive walk-through of state-of-the-art palliative and supportive care. The course was a wonderful opportunity not only for listening to key opinion leaders talking about latest issues in palliative and supportive care but also to meet colleagues from all over Europe and expand my professional network. This learning chance granted me the possibility to improve my knowledge. Now, I also know where to find the best resources and got many useful advices for my daily practice. I am confident that this Preceptorship provided me with the best knowledge to treat my patients and to support their needs.”

Michelle Möglich, Denmark 
ESMO Preceptorship on Supportive and Palliative Care, Lugano, March 2023


“Taking part in this Preceptorship was an excellent opportunity for me. During these three productive days, I could get an up-to-date overview of the basic principles of the diagnosis and management of lung cancer from the experts in the field and interact with colleagues from other oncology centers in Europe. My participation in this meeting will impact my daily practice by providing patients with the best possible evidence-based therapeutic opportunities and by actively contributing to the multidisciplinary tumour board, leveraging the knowledge obtained from this meeting. I also had the opportunity to present a clinical case from my institution and discuss various aspects and insights with a panel of key opinion leaders. Overall, it was a unique experience in a nice and inspiring atmosphere, excellently organized. I would highly recommend it to all young oncologists!”

Ioannis Zerdes, Sweden
ESMO-The Christie Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Manchester, March 2023


“By attending the Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, I gained a very clear and logical grasp of emerging data, treatment options and current trends in the care of breast cancer, covering the entire spectrum from screening to accelerated diagnosis, comprehensive pathologic assessment for prognostic and therapeutic purposes and the treatment of breast cancer in current times. This Preceptorship has deepened my knowledge on new data in breast cancer care, particularly for the population we care for in my country. I am now repositioned to offer my patients the most recent and proven best standards in breast cancer treatment. I particularly appreciated the applicability of most of the information shared, and the ability of the speakers to relate to specific challenges or questions. The Preceptorship was one year of studying condensed into a dozen sessions. It was a perfect combination of emerging data set on a background of experience and in the context of real world clinical practice, so that you walk away with real applicable knowledge tailored to your resource level. It was genuinely impactful.”

Adedayo Joseph, Nigeria
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Cape Town, February 2023


“This preceptorship was an excellent platform to update my knowledge and go through the different guidelines and practices with top experts in the field of lung cancer. This course offered a comprehensive overview of the management of lung cancer in the neoadjuvant, adjuvant, and advanced settings utilizing the traditional (chemotherapy) and the new treatments (immunotherapy, TKIs). The programme pointed out the importance of a multi-disciplinary tumour board to discuss and proceed with the best treatment available for our patients.
It was a great experience. All the sessions and case discussions were superb. All speakers in the Faculty were excellent and very passionate. I highly recommend this course, especially to all young oncologists.”

Omar Maaño, Philippines
ESMO Preceptorship on NSCLC, Singapore, January 2023


“This Preceptorship was a good opportunity to go through current European guidelines about immuno-oncology and deepen my knowledge about tumour biology and immunology. I enjoyed the possibility to discuss with key opinion leaders and young colleagues from all over Europe. It was above my expectations and it sparked a few research ideas, which I am looking forward to sharing and developing with my colleagues!”

Vincenzo Nasca, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, December 2022


“This Preceptorship has been exceptional! Concise, complete, and inspiring. The session on clinical benefits in medical oncology, hardly mentioned in other meetings, helped me to focus and find the appropriate treatment to suit the patient’s dimension. Thanks to this course, I learnt how to increase the level of confidence in teaching colleagues and postgraduates the basics of immuno-oncology as well as gain more and more reliance on the usage of immunotherapy. Besides, the chance to share thoughts and new ideas with colleagues and have experts hand out not only their knowledge but, most of all, their precious experience, is something that will certainly have a positive impact on my daily practice.”

Jirawat Thanestada, Thailand
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Singapore, November 2022


“This Preceptorship was a great opportunity to interact with top experts with great minds who gave a concise and terse overview of the essentials of screening, diagnosis, staging, genetic testing, and management of early, locally advanced, and metastatic breast cancer. Moreover, the case-based discussions were useful to catch different perspectives and approaches to each case; they were also very inspiring because of the very passionate people in our field. Thanks to this Preceptorship, I will be able to advise my patients better, provide them with more options and come up with the best treatment plan for my patients. I highly recommend this Preceptorship to all medical oncologists! Thanks ESMO for making this possible!”

Sofia Dominique Unson, Philippines
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Singapore, November 2022


“Joining this Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer was a great opportunity! It allowed me to learn and update my knowledge thanks to lectures based on scientific data: from basic science to molecular biology and testing, as well as how to implement these data in my daily practice. Sometimes textbooks are not enough when treating difficult cases and this course has made an impact guiding my work and the way I will treat patients. It was a remarkable and valuable chance to learn from experts and also from the other participants. I have particularly appreciated the fact that I had the opportunity to present my clinical case and discuss it with the audience. It was a great and memorable experience!”

Gorawich Kerkarchachai, Thailand
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Singapore, November 2022


“This Preceptorship has been a great opportunity to update my knowledge with top experts in the field. Thanks to the Preceptorship, I will change the way I tackle some practical issues and how I use certain drugs. It was also great to hear about new trials and add some articles to the “to read” list. The experience has been great, the topics were very relevant and the presentations brilliant. The faculty shared their clinical experience and provided solutions for our daily challenges. I particularly liked the discussions after each presentation and after the clinical cases, I really learned a lot! I have also appreciated networking and meeting with people from other countries, and the opportunity to talk to the amazing experts in the faculty.”

Sara Raimundo, Portugal
ESMO Preceptorship on Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies, Paris, November 2022


“Thanks to the participation in this meeting I learned that interdisciplinary discussions are the key to excellent patient management. Moreover, from now on in my daily practice I will make sure to put a special focus on further classification and treatment of histological subtypes. Overall, the topics of this preceptorship reflected challenges in everyday patient care, therefore it was a great opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills.”

Hannah Christina Puhr, Austria
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Valencia, October 2022


“I definitely recommend this Preceptorship to young oncologists! I really enjoyed it and definitely would love to participate again! In addition to improving my personal knowledge for my daily practice, it is always a pleasure to discuss with experts but also with colleagues from all over Europe. This Preceptorship taught me to think from a different perspective, taking into consideration all the best options available for patients, and not necessarily the ones we are the most comfortable with.”

Chloé Denis, Belgium 
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Lugano, October 2022


“This course was a great experience! Thanks to what I learned during the very interesting sessions and the clinical case discussions, I will be able to offer my patients (in certain situations) different treatment options. The networking part was enriching and helped me to get familiar with other countries’ approaches.”

Gesa Isensee, Switzerland  
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lugano, September 2022


“My experience was excellent. I learned a great deal about nasopharyngeal cancer and other head and neck cancer updates from A to Z (diagnosis to treatment). This meeting presented data and updates in treatment based on the latest evidence. I know that in the future I can implement this latest evidence in my daily practice. This was my first ESMO preceptorship, and I met many new friends from around the world. During this meeting, participants were able to share diverse experiences and perspectives to achieve the greatest patient outcome available with adjustments for limitations in each country. All the lecturers and participants were humble and willing to share their expertise in specific subjects. I appreciated the collaboration, and I hope to join other ESMO preceptorships in the future.”

Vito Filbert Jayalie, Indonesia
ESMO Preceptorship on Head & Neck Cancer, Singapore, September 2022


“My participation in the ESMO Preceptorship on Ovarian Cancer was an enriching experience, as it not only served as an educational milieu integrating theory with clinical practice, but it also provided the unique opportunity to socialize with eminent professionals in gynecologic oncology and enthusiastic colleagues from all over Europe. I appreciated the fact that the importance of individualized care due to disease’s heterogeneity, as well as the multidisciplinary approach for its optimal management, were emphasized. Every young oncologist should attend these rewarding meetings, with state-of-the-art presentations and thought-provoking discussions in an inspiring atmosphere. I had the honor of presenting my rather rare clinical case, and it was a privilege to engage in the subsequent academic conversation. Heartfelt thanks to ESMO for this amazing experience!”

Oraianthi Fiste, Greece
ESMO Preceptorship on Ovarian Cancer, Lisbon, September 2022


“During this course, I got an overview of the treatment landscape in bladder and kidney cancer as well as the challenges we still face as practitioners. I learned a great deal from experts on topics for which scientific data are currently lacking—for example, when to rechallenge IO in case of irAE, or when to stop IO after achieving CR. This was an excellent preceptorship with an interesting programme and very nice accommodations. I particularly appreciated the faculty, who were comprised of keynote speakers with expertise in the field of bladder and kidney cancer. I was happy to present my clinical case as well and to engage in the academic conversation that followed.”

Alexander Decruyenaere, Belgium
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Lugano, July 2022


“In this preceptorship, I learned about decision-making and optimal management techniques for patients treated undergoing immunotherapy and toxicity management. Now I can apply new knowledge to advocating for my patients, aiming for overall survival but most importantly a higher quality of life. The clinical cases were interesting and, since it was the first time for me to present my case at this level, I found the company of my fellow presenters to be really helpful. Because of the COVID pandemic, this was also the first time I had participated in a non-virtual meeting, and it was great. The atmosphere was inspiring because the moderators, speakers, and attendees were so engaging. I’m happy that I took part in this educational event. Thanks, ESMO, for this course!”

Mariana Costa, Portugal
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, June 2022


“During the course, I learnt about the state-of-the-art management of gliomas—not only the treatment sequence, but also the diagnosis, cognitive tests, palliative care, and new developments in the field. The speakers clarified the sequence of treatment and which are the best protocols for our practice. Since there has not been much new evidence or drugs regarding brain tumours, it was good to learn more about palliative care as well. The field hasn’t advanced a lot, but many promising approaches were shown. I especially appreciated the explanation of the WHO 2021 classification so that we as doctors can diagnose and treat patients better. Attending this event was outstanding—the venue in Lugano, the speakers, and the staff were great. I definitely want to attend another event in the future.”

Oriol Mirallas, Spain
ESMO Preceptorship on Brain Tumours, Lugano, June 2022


“The ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer provided an effective platform for discussing revision to breast cancer guidelines regarding screening, diagnosis, and management of early, locally advanced, and metastatic disease. As a result of participating in this event, I made several practice-changing updates. I am grateful to ESMO for the opportunity to participate in this high-quality meeting with excellent speakers and a friendly network. It was also an honor to present my case report. The interaction with faculty was incredibly valuable, and I was impressed by the speakers’ high level of expertise. It was a memorable experience being part of an active network of oncologists at this preceptorship. Thank you, ESMO!”

Andreas Koulouris, Greece
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Brussels, June 2022


“I believe that every young oncologist should attend ESMO preceptorships to stay abreast of the latest developments in molecular biology and the techniques for de-escalation treatment. Following this meeting, I will strive to improve my daily practice by applying the new diagnostic and treatment techniques that I discovered there. Even though I work in a small city in a developing country where I do not have all the resources to fight cancer, I consider it my duty to at least try to inform my patients about the possibilities that are not yet available in our country. I was very pleased with the high level of expertise the speakers had and was impressed that they managed to express such complex information in a way that was understandable to me. I also appreciated the chance to meet other oncologists and to compare treatment practices in de-escalation as it is done in different countries. I want to thank ESMO for this amazing opportunity.”

Ioan-Adrian Buda, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Molecular Cancer Biology for Practising Oncologists and Cancer Treatment De-escalation, Lugano, May 2022


“At the ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer in Valencia, I appreciated the up-to-date research, guidelines, and opinions gained from some of the top colorectal specialists in the world. I also welcomed the opportunity to interact with young oncologists from all over Europe. The meeting increased my own confidence in my level of knowledge so that I can apply it to my daily practice and clinics in the future. I enjoyed presenting my case and receiving feedback from the faculty. The opportunity to travel to a new city and meet other oncologists to compare practices between countries was extremely valuable. The quality of teaching was excellent, and the cases were particularly memorable in my experience of this preceptorship.”

Harriet Baker, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2022


“Firstly, thank you for this course. I appreciated the high level of organization and quality of presentations. Recent encouraging accomplishments in oncology were explained in a simple manner, and I realized how biased I had been previously about choosing the best option for patients. Now I realize the importance of choosing a multidisciplinary approach to detect early and locally advanced NSCLC. Throughout this course, I expanded my knowledge and felt that I gained trust and credibility with mentors and patients. The atmosphere was inspiring because the moderators, speakers, and attendees were so engaging. I enjoyed being in such an environment!”

Zaiana Sangadzhieva, Russian Federation
ESMO The Christie Virtual Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, March 2022


“In this meeting, I learned about decision-making and optimal management for patients with colorectal cancer, tailored to Latin America. I had a rewarding experience learning cutting edge therapies. After participating in discussions and clinical cases with experts in the field, I can apply new knowledge such as advocating for my patients, aiming for overall survival but most importantly, a higher quality of life. As an oncology fellow, I appreciate that these Preceptorships help shape cancer care and promote adequate treatment training for oncologists' future endeavours.”

Daniela Shveid-Gerson, Mexico
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Mexico City, March 2022


“This was a very insightful experience!! I really enjoyed attending this course and would be interested in participating in future ones. The virtual meeting presented at first hand the new ESMO Guidelines, that I will now apply in my daily practice. I learnt the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the management of breast cancer patients and how other countries are using new available drugs in the treatment of the disease. The one thing I appreciated the most was the possibility to interact with speakers from different specialties and how easy it was to ask questions or clarifications if something was not clear.”

Mwando Chitula, Zambia
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, February 2022


“This unique virtual meeting was well organised and offered to all the participants the possibility to update their overall knowledge to provide better care to their patients. The lectures delivered in this two-day course covered almost all topics related to breast cancer, including breast surgery, radiotherapy, targeted therapies plus immunotherapy. It was also great to hear live opinions from the faculty on the latest topics, something that is hard to come by at major conferences. In the case discussion part, I was impressed by the fact that medical conditions and resources differ from country to country. At the same time, I was encouraged to see that all doctors are always trying to do their best for their patients, based on the latest knowledge and considering what they can and cannot do under the limited circumstances. This made me more confident on what I do in my daily practice and also reminded me the importance of the principle "think global and act local" in the care of individual patients. It was fabulous to exchange the ideas with colleagues from other countries and top experts of breast cancer in a very friendly atmosphere. No other society offers this kind of educational programmes. So, I strongly recommend young doctors to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. I would like to thank the organizing committee for inviting an international Faculty, even though the conference was held on Singapore time. It was a great pleasure to have such diverse and high-level sessions available during the daytime hours for many Asian countries.”

Masahiro Kawashima, Japan
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, November 2021


“The ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology was an excellent opportunity to update my knowledge of the latest data in immuno-oncology across a broad range of tumour streams. The lectures and educational sessions were chaired by experts in the field and it was a privilege to receive feedback on my clinical case from them. The preceptorship also highlighted the differences that exist in global oncology, especially of the diagnostic and treatment challenges faced by overseas colleagues who are limited by resources and funding. I had a fantastic experience and the virtual format allowed me to attend during the pandemic. Thank you to ESMO, the speakers, and chairs who had clearly put a great deal of work into facilitating an engaging and educational preceptorship. It was an invaluable experience!”

Omali Pitiyarachchi, Australia
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, November 2021


“This virtual preceptorship provided an excellent insight into the recent updates and the changing landscape in the treatment of gastric cancers. It emphasized the importance of a multidisciplinary tumour board in deciding the optimal treatment plan in oncology. This virtual educational course also allowed to interact with the experts and participate in the panel discussion. I am now feeling more confident in my decision-making to choose the optimal regimen for gastric cancer patients. All the talks were outstanding, I strongly recommend the ESMO preceptorship courses to all young medical oncologists around the globe that are interested in improving their clinical knowledge and staying up to date with the changing treatment paradigms in the world of medical oncology.”

Vijay Kumar Srinivasalu, Brunei Darussalam
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, November 2021


“I am grateful to have been part of this virtual preceptorship. What I appreciated the most in this virtual educational course is how precision medicine in urothelial cancer was highlighted, from the role of biomarkers to immuno-oncology. Truly, we are living exciting times as we look forward to better clinical and survival outcomes among patients with urothelial malignancies. Coming from a developing country, I found it interesting to listen to the experiences of colleagues from other countries. It was also exciting and empowering to know that precision medicine is nowadays more and more useful even in urothelial cancer. I have learned that emerging therapies are now available in the adjuvant setting of UC, especially for those with residual disease and/or those who haven’t received NAC.  In addition to this, I have realized that NAC is underutilized not just in my setting but also in other countries. This compels me to aim for closer collaboration with urologists, for us to offer optimal treatment with maximized clinical benefits to patients with urothelial cancer.”

Angelica C. Gallespen, Philippines
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Urothelial Cancer, November 2021


“This meeting provided a unique opportunity to be updated about Gastric Cancer from different and multi-disciplinary point of views, highlighting that we can provide proper care for these patients only by working together as a multidisciplinary team. This course allowed me to consolidate my knowledge about Gastric Cancer, while the clinical cases presentations and the discussion with the faculty helped me to tailor the treatments and even the continuum of care in the context of precision medicine in Gastric Cancer. It was a wonderful experience that I recommend to every young oncologist! A great opportunity to exchange ideas in an enjoyable environment with the major European experts as well as with other young colleagues, moving from the evidence-based medicine to the clinical practice. The meeting was important to create network and to understand how practice might be different according to country rules. I really enjoyed the time for questions and discussions, because I think that we can improve our knowledge and open our mind only by sharing our experience and expertise in a positive and friendly way - like it happened in the meeting.”

Angelica Petrillo, Italy
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, October 2021


“This preceptorship represented one of the stepping stones in my medical education, as I could get a glimpse of the level of the current diagnostics and treatments for prostate cancer from top specialists from all over Europe. More importantly, beyond guidelines, I had the opportunity to see and understand their thinking process around different clinical cases. Thanks to this preceptorship, I have learned a lot of new information and I believe that I’ll be able to come up with better solutions for my patients in my daily practice. I particularly enjoyed this virtual preceptorship: the presenters were clear, with easy-to-understand slides, and open to dialogue - every participant had the chance to ask questions, from the simplest to the most complicated, with clear and satisfying answers. Also, the clinical cases were interesting and, being the first time for me to present my case at this level, I found it really helpful. A really great experience!”

Endre Mate, Romania
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, October 2021


"As a young practitioner, I rely on ESMO conferences to stay abreast of the latest developments in oncology, a rapidly evolving field. Despite the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ESMO found innovative ways to provide up-to-date knowledge to its members. This Preceptorship was exceptional. It provided – thanks also to the expertise of the international Faculty and the high quality of the data presented – a comprehensive review of the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer. In addition, it highlighted how a multidisciplinary approach is essential in optimizing patient outcomes. I hope I will be able to apply in my daily practice all the knowledge imparted by the speakers. I would definitely recommend fellow oncologists to take part in worthwhile ESMO courses like this one."

Rogelio Velasco, Jr., Philippines
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Head & Neck Cancer, September 2021


“This Preceptorship provided me with a lot of new significant information and showed me new possibilities in treating patients with breast cancer. It was the perfect combination of modern knowledge with the experience of other doctors. This course allowed me to verify my knowledge and learn about the latest guidelines. It presented new possibilities, how to use the available therapies more effectively and how to choose the right moment to introduce them. I most appreciated the interaction with key opinion leaders who have much more experience and knowledge and who transmitted data in an accessible and understandable way. I am very happy that I took part in this educational event. It was like a huge dose of knowledge accumulated in one place. The atmosphere of the meeting was very friendly and we received an answer to every question asked, even the most obvious one.”

Malgorzata Meluch, Poland
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, September 2021


“A fantastic meeting! A thorough, nuanced discussion of the complex interaction between ageing and cancer. The course has taught me that comprehensive cancer care involves a systematic assessment of geriatric issues, and that clinical decisions in oncology must always be seen within the context of an individual’s pattern of ageing. The preceptorship was particularly helpful in providing me with a repertoire of tools to use in the clinic to easily assess my patients’ pattern of ageing. I have already begun incorporating tools discussed in the course into my clinics. I feel that I have a renewed perspective on ageing and will now prioritize an assessment of ageing into my oncological practice. The course was excellent. The virtual platform worked well, and the content of the lectures and case presentations was terrific. In future, I think perhaps some more didactic teaching could be considered, but overall, I was incredibly happy with the course. Joining this course has given me a great additional knowledge about the condition of frailty. I feel now equipped to assess this important condition and implement my findings into oncologic decision making.”

Michael Krasovitsky, Australia
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Cancer Care in Elderly Patients, September 2021


“I believe every young oncologist should attend these ESMO Preceptorships to get a deep understanding of a specific type of cancer and the particularities of the treatments in rare/difficult cases. This meeting provided theoretical notions that will help me better diagnose, stage and treat cases of early and advanced ovarian cancer. I very much appreciated the interesting clinical cases presentations which outlined a broad spectrum of situations that I may be confronted with in my daily practice. The most outstanding aspect of the course was the high level of the speakers who managed to share important and complex information in a very comprehensible way. I want to thank ESMO for this amazing opportunity, and I hope to see you again soon, maybe in an offline setting.”

Cristina-Elena Cocioaba, Romania
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Ovarian Cancer, September 2021


“ESMO Preceptorships offer unique opportunities for oncologists to keep their knowledge up-to-date and to share their experience with colleagues all over the world. It is truly amazing that, even in the time of pandemic, distance has proven not to be an obstacle since we still have the chance to keep learning in order to offer the best support to our patients. This course increased confidence in my decision-making abilities and motivated me to create inter-specialist interactions. Although I am a young oncologist, I felt my questions were relevant to the faculty, and I appreciated their clear and comprehensive answers. I can definitely say that this virtual meeting incited me to improve my knowledge and skills with the aim of reaching the highest standards.”

Olesya Kuznetsova, Russian Federation
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Ovarian Cancer, September 2021


“By participating in this virtual meeting, I have learnt the most recent classifications of neuroendocrine tumours, the current treatment options and ongoing trials. The course provided me with new tools for my daily practice, which will help me select the best sequence of treatments for each patient. Attending this ESMO Preceptorship has been a very enriching experience, especially for me as a young oncologist. The presentations were outstanding! The thing I appreciated the most was the opportunity to discuss questions about real cases with leading experts of a wide range of specialties in a professional yet friendly atmosphere.”

Alejandro Noguez-Ramos, Mexico
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Gastroenteropancreatic and Lung Neuroendocrine Neoplasms, June 2021


“This ESMO Virtual Preceptorship has been a unique opportunity for me that otherwise I would not have had in my country. During the meeting I had the chance to learn from experts in the field about the proper evaluation of a patient from a pathological point of view and assess the most recent advances in systemic therapy. The acquired knowledge has already influenced my daily practice in the choice of the therapy for patients with neuroendocrine tumours. I have also considered the use of the chemotherapy protocol CapTem, which I heard about for the first time during the course. This experience has been overall rewarding. I am very grateful to have participated and that the new insights were immediately applicable in my daily practice, giving me confidence in managing this rare malignancy.”

Alba Kihn-Alarcón, Guatemala
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Gastroenteropancreatic and Lung Neuroendocrine Neoplasms, June 2021


“This was a fantastic experience and I can’t rate the educational, networking, and organizational aspects more highly! By participating in this virtual meeting, I have learnt when to consider screening for underlying hereditary cancer dispositions, how to improve my communication of risk and the therapeutic implications of a genetic basis to a cancer. I have also learnt a lot about the fundamentals of cancer genetics and the intricacies and nuances of the difficulties with interpreting genetic tests. It was a really enjoyable (yet educational) day. It was extremely well organized, and everyone was so incredibly friendly. Some of the most world-renowned academics in the field of cancer genetics were presenting, yet they were so humble and approachable. It was lovely to feel part of such an amazing community.”

Benjamin Pickwell-Smith, United Kingdom
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Hereditary Cancer Genetics, May 2021


“This Preceptorship offered a comprehensive overview of the management of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer in the neo-adjuvant, adjuvant and advanced disease settings, with outstanding lectures describing the guidelines and ongoing trials involving checkpoint inhibitors and targeted treatment. I work in a resource-limited country, which makes it difficult to follow all the guidelines due to the unavailability of certain drugs. This course has taught me the importance of evidence-based practice and how to implement knowledge in clinical practice; now I feel more confident and prepared to choose the best treatment for my patients. I really appreciated the smooth interaction between the Faculty and participants. I am proud to be part of such a great organization as ESMO. Thank you for providing us young oncologists with such great career development opportunities, especially us participants from developing countries. I do hope I get to attend more meetings like this.”

Samad Shah, Pakistan
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on NSCLC, May 2021


“The participation in this virtual meeting was an outstanding experience and beyond any expectations. As a young clinician, now I feel more confident about my knowledge since the course enabled me to advance my personal development to the benefit of my patients. I was absolutely impressed by the faculty and I appreciated the chance to discuss clinical cases with key experts in the field as well as the interactive format of the course, despite the virtual model. I am very grateful to ESMO for this amazing opportunity and cannot wait for the next Preceptorship!”

Irine Khubua, Georgia 
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, April 2021


"This 3-days virtual meeting offered high-quality knowledge and up-to-date information on every aspect of lung cancer. From genetics to surgery, radiotherapy, and supportive care of the patient with lung cancer, it gave me a clear idea of how these patients should be treated. It also gave me a better comprehension of the balance between oncological treatment and adverse events by its use, so that the optimal treatment of different sub-populations of lung cancer patients was made clear. It was a unique experience. Getting the opportunity to discuss several topics with the experts in the field of lung cancer was the gain of this meeting. Despite the difficult times every physician is experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, this course was the proof that communication and sharing among oncologists is feasible and worth trying. Clarification of the best up-to-date practice and standard-of-care techniques, by experts in the field, in a very open and comprehensive way, this is one of the best things I really appreciated from this course."

Sophia Papakatsika, Greece
ESMO-The Christie Virtual Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, March 2021


"Since I developed a fond interest in breast cancer, I have always yearned to learn from the best experts in this field, and this preceptorship fulfilled this dream. I am grateful to ESMO Co-Chairs for choosing my case to be discussed. It gave me the opportunity to interact with the faculty virtually and even with my fellow presenters. It made me feel that COVID-19 cannot create distance between us, neither will it deter us from learning from the best. This preceptorship was an excellent opportunity to refresh my breast cancer knowledge; it allowed me to access the latest updates and even clear up all the doubts I had on managing breast cancer patients. My main take-home message is that multidisciplinary management and patient-centered care lead to the best outcomes in our patients. The knowledge I gained in this preceptorship will play a big role in the decision-making and multidisciplinary management of breast cancer patients in my daily practice."

Abeid M. Athman Omar, Kenya
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, February 2021


“It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of!!! ESMO Preceptorship is the best knowledge-sharing platform that every young oncologist “must attend”. The programme is a great way to get up-to-date information in a short period of time. The content was chock-full of the latest learning and practices from” truly world-class” experts. It was a comprehensive overview of breast cancer addressing the complex issues from the EBC to ABC in all the molecular subtypes of breast cancer. Learning’s about Gene Expression Profiling tests in EBC will have great impact on my practice which is most relevant in limited resource context like ours. Though it was virtual meeting, there was no deficiency in one to one confrontation during discussions and clinical case presentations. I really appreciate the efforts put by the ESMO team in organizing the event so hassle free. The key take-home message from Dr Fatima Cardoso about the application of predictive and prognostic tools in EBC was enlightening. Thank you ESMO for the opportunity and looking forward to attend more educational programs like this in the future.”

Pradeep Kumar Reddy, India
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, January 2021


"During this 2-days course I had an overview on how immunotherapy finds a place in the treatment scenario of most neoplasms: this is important especially for those who are interested in a specific field of work and need a refresh about other tumors. I found the discussion on immunotherapy toxicities very interesting and useful for everyday clinical practice. The thing I appreciated the most was the possibility to get of an outline on the most important clinical applications, as well as on the unmet needs and on the concerns coming from immunotherapy in the treatment scenario of most neoplasms. This review of the state-of-the-art made me understand what we can expect from immune checkpoint inhibitors in terms of outcomes and tolerability in clinical practice and what we should seek in future clinical research. 2020 challenged us in so many ways. As a (very) young oncologist, this year I lost the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world during international congresses, share opinions and concerns. However, I must admit that virtual events were well organized and I appreciated the effort of preserving the “questions and answers” session, in order to keep the discussion alive, even if everyone was in his own office, far away from each other."​

Lodovica Zullo, Italy
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, December 2020


"I felt honoured to be part of such a brilliant meeting. This preceptorship enabled me to better understand multidisciplinary management and treatment of head and neck cancer, especially with the advent of immunotherapy and new target treatments. It enriched my notions on head and neck cancer as a Medical Oncology resident in a very practical and hands-on way. I also felt more confident about discussing clinical cases and participating in multidisciplinary team discussions. In fact, I appreciated a lot the possibility to ask questions live and to discuss very challenging clinical cases. In addition, the faculty was incredibly passionate and committed, which made the discussions absolutely engaging. Thank you ESMO for this great opportunity."​

Mariana Rebordão Pires, Portugal
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Head and Neck Cancer, December 2020


"Thanks to this course I have improved my knowledge about geriatric syndromes and the relevance of tools to access the risk of toxicity and frailty in elderly patients. The most significant message I got is the importance of having a good diagnosis of the geriatric problem in order to intervene together with the multidisciplinary team and improve patient’s outcomes and tolerability to the treatment. This virtual course has been a great experience! The speakers were experts in the field and shared the data behind their recommendations. They were also thoughtful and very open to answer the questions of the participants"

Maria Alice Franzoi, Belgium
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Cancer Care in Elderly Patients: What all Oncologists need to know, December 2020


"The ESMO Virtual Gastric Cancer Preceptorship provided me with up-to-date evidence in managing patients with gastric cancer, in the neo-adjuvant, adjuvant and advanced disease settings. The lectures were outstanding and the speakers extremely prepared. The lecture summaries were excellent for a person like me with almost no time and a huge clinical workload!
Participation in the virtual meeting gave me a solid understanding in the current management of gastric cancer and has made me confident in implementing this knowledge in my daily practice. It also allowed me to see the surgical and radiation oncology perspectives in better detail as well as the use of novel targets and upcoming areas of research in gastric cancer. The digital platform allowed me to easily attend the event and ask questions which were answered by leading experts in the field.
It was an excellent preceptorship, and I enjoyed it immensely. The time difference from Singapore to Australia meant it was perfect for me to participate in after work (6-9pm Australian EST). The online format also allowed me to attend during the CoVID-19 pandemic. Thank you!"​

Omali Pitiyarachchi, Australia
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, November 2020​


"“Breast Cancer” are two words which enclose an extremely complex and heterogeneous disease, sometimes requiring completely different treatment approaches. The ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer has been able to examine in details all the subtypes of this malignancy, thanks to the high scientific level of its content. I feel that my knowledge in the molecular and clinical aspects of the disease, available therapeutic options and future perspectives has extensively improved after this Preceptorship. The new information acquired will be applied in my daily practice and will be shared with my co-workers, so that a greater network of people will benefit from it. Moreover, the ideas and questions raised during the discussions will motivate me to conduct further research on this topic and will be a strong stimulus to become a better and more mature scientist and clinician. It was truly an honor for me to participate in this Preceptorship!"

Eleonora Lai, Italy
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, November 2020


"The ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Immunotherapy is a well programmed meeting covering from the basics of immunology to therapeutic applications. I learnt about the basic principles of immunology, tumour micro environment, rational application of biomarker testing, and most importantly, rational use of Immunotherapy - balancing the risk and benefits, costs and clinical benefit, which is most relevant in countries with limited resources like ours where patients and families have no health insurance.
I think that this virtual meeting is an excellent opportunity to learn from the international experts in the immunotherapy field. The most interesting part was case based discussions and their management. I feel lucky to have attended the course.
All the lectures were excellent with very clear take home messages. Whole heartedly, I appreciate the lecture by Dr Solange Peters about the need to balance the cost and benefits of Immunotherapy which is highly relevant to my work setting. My perception has changed, and I hope this change within myself will help my patients as well."

Venkata Pradeep Babu Koyyala, India
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, November 2020

Penelope Edwards

"In the era of COVID-19 and having to step away from traditional teaching methods, delivering an engaging and glitch free preceptorship is an outstanding achievement. The faculty were passionate, encouraging and respectful of differences of opinion among colleagues and welcoming to questions from participants. It was a privilege to be able to listen to field-leading clinicians discuss and debate many important questions in the field of metastatic bladder and kidney cancer. I thoroughly enjoyed this meeting and I am very grateful to have been accepted to participate."

Penelope Edwards, United Kingdom
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, November 2020


"This Preceptorship provided me with knowledge about the standard of the art of Gastric Cancer treatment, with also focus on treatment evolution and new future approaches in ongoing clinical trials. The discussion of the different topics was very interesting with a panel of speakers of a wide range of specialties and I appreciated the elegance of the meeting in terms of clarity and quality of the several presentations. In my daily practice, as a medical oncologist resident, this course provided me with new tools to treat our Gastric Cancer patients in Portugal, where the incidence of this Cancer is one of the highest in Europe.Thanks for this learning opportunity. It was a great meeting, with excellent presentations."

Tiago Alpoim, Portugal
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, October 2020


"ESMO Preceptorships have always been the conferences that I look forward to every year. They provide us with in depth and thorough discussions on the current best practices and latest updates in cancer management in a specific organ or region. I am very thankful that ESMO remained steadfast in its advocacy and mission to prepare young oncologists for the future, despite the limitations that this pandemic has posed this year. As always, I came home after this meeting full of newly acquired knowledge and insights in Breast Cancer and ever more inspired. It truly is a highly recommended activity. Thank you, ESMO!"

Katrina Gaelic Bebero, Philippines
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, October 2020


"The meeting provided a wonderful overview of the latest data in the field of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. I highly appreciated the possibility to ask questions regarding the results of trials and my own patients to the well-known experts in the field. But I think that the most inspiring thing I learnt is that, despite geographical differences, the best world experts are near and are ready to help us, young doctors, sharing all their precious knowledge and experience for the best of our patients. Last but not least, it was very nice that even in the virtual format the course provided a high level of interactivity between the faculty and participants."

Marina Puchinskaya, Belarus
ESMO-The Christie Virtual Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, October 2020

Gunel Musayeva

"This Preceptorship has been a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on the different oncological practices in the field of Prostate Cancer across Europe. I have learned new diagnostic and treatment approaches that I will be able to use in my daily practice and that I will certainly share with my colleagues at home. Thank you to ESMO for the excellent job and for providing us, young doctors, with so many career development opportunities, especially to those living in developing countries. I am proud to be part of such a great organization as ESMO and I am looking forward to participating in a live Preceptorship soon!"

Gunel Musayeva, Azerbaijan
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, October 2020


"I joined ESMO last 2019 and was very much excited to attend preceptorship meetings offered by the society. However, the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent travel restrictions have not made it possible to proceed with live events. Nevertheless, ESMO has adapted in such a way that it is still able to reach out to its members, particularly us, young oncologists-in-training, and made it easy for everyone to continue learning from the experts in an innovative way, in the comforts of our home and workplace. Thank you very much ESMO! I learnt a lot from this course and I will definitely change the way I handle cases in my daily routine. I am very grateful and honored that I have attended this first virtual preceptorship and took part in this great learning experience. I do hope to attend more virtual courses like this!"

Adeline Gonzales, Philippines
ESMO Virtual Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, September 2020


"It was a very good experience, especially the interactive nature of it. I mostly appreciated the discussions on management of metastatic breast cancers. This meeting will have a tremendous influence on my daily practice as it has answered many of the questions I had on the management of breast cancer. I learnt a lot about the appropriate delivery of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, hormonal therapy in metastatic luminal breast cancer, as well as management of breast cancer in pregnancy."

Sam Daniel, Ghana
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Cape Town, February 2020


"Time for questions and confrontation was the main thing I appreciated. My experience was very positive. I enjoyed the time given to explore the molecular background of each tumour, which will guide the clinical development of new therapies in the future. We learnt about the most updated clinical practice knowledge on HBP cancers in Europe. My daily practice will be influenced as I will be able to more accurately select the right treatments for my patients."

Pietro Paolo Vitiello, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Advanced non Resectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Biliary and Pancreatic Cancer, Paris, December 2019


"I felt honoured to be a part of such a great meeting – Thank you ESMO for the opportunity. I learnt about other doctors’ approach metastatic cancers. Considering the increasing number of patients diagnosed with bladder and kidney cancer, I think this preceptorship will influence my daily practice in a very hands-on way. It was very educational and interesting to listen to both presentations and discussions. I hope I will have the chance to come back and learn more so I can use the best treatments for my patients."

Simina-Maria Dinu, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Lugano, November 2019


"I am very thankful to the ESMO preceptorship team for giving me the opportunity to attend such a wonderful academic feast. It was a wonderful and enriching experience. The course provided a comprehensive overview of Breast Cancer management and I now have a better understanding of management of Breast Cancer in pregnancy and neo-adjuvant hormone therapy. This meeting has made me a better breast oncologist. The presentations on all the topics have made me more confident and comfortable in discussing diagnosis and programme, as well as giving bad news to my cancer patients."

Amit Sehrawat, India
ESMO preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Singapore, November 2019


"The meeting gave a comprehensive overview of immunotherapies, basic mechanisms, indications, cost effective alternative, clinical scenarios and future directions. It’s one of the best ESMO preceptorship courses I have attended. The whole meeting was carried out in such a way that everyone had a chance to clear up their doubts, discuss, share and learn. I definitely feel more confident in practicing Immuno-Oncology in clinical settings. I will be better at deciding the best possible treatment for the patient, and more capable of detecting adverse events early.The fact that some of the best speakers and renowned oncologists have travelled to come and teach us about immuno-oncology was, I feel, the best part of this preceptorship. Top quality in scientific content, discussions and hospitality."

Vinodh Kumar Selvaraj, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Singapore, November 2019


"The preceptorship was an amazing opportunity, especially for a young oncologist. I learnt about the standard of care for patients with NSCLC, the current updates in the field and the future directions of clinical trials. The chance to have in depth discussions with leading experts was very much appreciated. To some extent, this preceptorship has reformed the way I will treat my patients in the future. I also see how to improve medical practice to keep up with developed countries."

Long Nguyen, Vietnam
ESMO Preceptorship on NSCLC, Singapore, November 2019


"This programme has been a real eye-opener for me. I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from good colleagues and legendary speakers. One of the main things the preceptorship has given me, is confidence. It has also given me the knowledge of the upcoming treatment options and trials, which I plan to go through thoroughly. Though I practice in a resource challenged country and cannot follow all the treatment algorithms properly, this preceptorship has taught me the importance of evidence-based practice. I appreciated the patience from the faculty members prepared to answer all my questions."

Muhammad Abdullah-Al-Noman, Bangladesh
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours, Singapore, November 2019


"This was my first preceptorship and I was so excited to be a part of it! I was really impressed by both the speakers and the organizing committee who took the time to make sure we had everything we needed and more. It was a good opportunity to meet professionals from different European countries, to hear about their experiences and learn about their daily practice. Furthermore, it was important for me to see the latest strategies in treatment and how it can help my work and, in the end, improve my patients’ quality of life. As a new medical oncologist, it really helped me answer a lot of questions regarding colorectal pathology and enabled me to better cope with the problems that I face on a day-to-day basis as a resident doctor."

Georgiana-Anca Pislariu, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Lugano, November 2019


"Great experience! I’d like to express my gratitude to ESMO and to all the speakers. What you are doing is invaluable to young professionals. I really appreciated the clinical case discussions we had. This course has changed my point of view and the way I deal with the locally-advanced prostate cancer and I feel that I’ve learnt much about the multidisciplinary approach."

Maria La Mantia, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Lugano, October 2019


"The experience has been great, and the speakers were the best! The preceptorship reaffirmed my belief that oncology is and must be a global issue. It is very important to share experiences, opinions and feelings with oncologists from other countries. Having learnt about epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment; I now feel more comfortable with the management of my patients diagnosed with gastric cancer. I found the whole programme to be very useful and interesting."

Jesus Manuel Poveda Ferriols, Spain
ESMO preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Valencia, October 2019


"It was a great experience. I learnt about the principles and practice of screening, the standard care and new therapy approaches for breast cancer. I believe everything I learnt will affect my every day practice.
I really appreciated the organization and great speakers, like Dr. Fatima Cardoso, throughout the preceptorship. Thanks again ESMO for the great opportunity to attend the preceptorship and to be a part of the ESMO family!

Tinatin Bochorishvili, Georgia
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lisbon, October 2019


"I loved it! It was the best course that I have attended. The speakers were nice, and the presentations were fantastic. The friendly atmosphere really helped create the best learning environment. Standard care for brain tumour patients and the most promising hypothesis for future development in the field were discussed. As I am in my first year of residency, this course was the perfect way to start my career in this field, with fresh new information to put into practice. I cannot wait for the next preceptorship course!"

Andrada Turcas, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Brain Tumours, Lugano, October 2019


“First of all, I want to thank ESMO and our faculty for this great opportunity to learn new approaches and to share our experience in the field of gastric cancer. This was my first preceptorship and as a result of my participation, I will implement therapies for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer and new approaches in HER 2+ patients in my everyday practice. It will now be easier for me to take an active participation in discussion of surgery in gastric cancer.”

Gulnoz Khakimova, Russian Federation
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Barcelona, August 2019


"Specifically targeted for young oncologist to learn from basics like pathology and treatment and ending with advanced knowledge like future updates, ESMO Preceptorships always grant high standard of teaching and learning. I would recommend all young oncologists to apply and benefit from this huge educational opportunity. The comprehensiveness of this course was incredible and what I have learnt will have a major impact in my daily practice for better selecting treatment options."

Kuruva Siva Prasad, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Singapore, September 2019

Alexander Meisel

"The content of this preceptorship was excellent: even with several years of experience one could learn new facts and this motivated me to implement new imaging report forms in rectal cancer to set higher standards (staging/response assessment) for example. Everything was well prepared; the presentations were excellent and the speakers were accessible and reachable. The interactivity and the possibility to network were the things I appreciated the most."

Alexander Meisel, Switzerland
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2019

Caterina Aversa

"This Preceptorship offered a comprehensive review of the current status of immunotherapy across different tumour types, the most recent trial results and the new insights about molecular background and biomarkers of response. The quality of the talks during these two very interactive days was very high and effective. All this will help me in delivering better, evidence based and clinically relevant care to my patients."

Caterina Aversa, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, May 2019


"I've never realised Head & Neck cancer surgery could be so exciting, I honestly fell in love with all the new techniques and methods of reconstruction. I learnt the true value of MDT meetings and their impact on patient's survival. I got a glimpse of advances in H&N cancer and novel treatments available nowadays. I enjoyed the course and the experts answered all the questions I had, and I believe the knowledge they shared with us will help me make my practise more fruitful and up to date."

Elene Mariamidze, Georgia
ESMO Preceptorship on Head & Neck Cancer, Zürich, May 2019

Giuliana Pavone

"I appreciated the friendly confrontation during the clinical cases discussions because, as a young oncologist, I don't have all the answers, but I have a lot of questions. This preceptorship has been a good opportunity to improve and share my knowledge with other young colleagues because only sharing our knowledge today we can guide the changes in oncology tomorrow. In my future clinical practice, I will be more mindful of my patients family history since it is one of the most important yet accessible markers of a possible hereditary syndrome. So not only improve cancer treatments but prevent it can save many lives."

Giuliana Pavone, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Hereditary Cancer Genetics, Lugano, April 2019


"This ESMO Preceptorship was an excellent opportunity to learn and understand Head & Neck cancers from epidemiology to treatment, as well as the ongoing trials which might have a deep impact on the care approach for the near future. I will be able to evaluate my patients in a better way with the knowledge acquired and provide state-of-the art treatment. I would surely recommend this course to my colleagues as the comprehensive and multidisciplinary aspect of the discussions was simply great."

Vinodh Kumar Selvaraj, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Head & Neck Cancer, Hong Kong SAR, China, April 2019

Gor Gogchyan

"It has been a wonderful and interesting conference enabling me to realize that I'm not alone in the fight against cancer. The participation to this preceptorship will have a great impact on my daily practice since I've enlarged my knowledge and learnt many useful and interesting options concerning the diagnosis and treatment of GEP NENs. The opportunity to discuss, interact and exchange thoughts with professionals in this field makes me more confident in organizing my daily activities and to choose the best strategy for cancer treatment."

Gor Gogchyan, Armenia
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms, Prague, April 2019

Giulia Mazzaschi

"This Preceptorship was one of the most interesting, instructive and "open-minding" meetings I have ever attended. I have now the confirmation that lung cancer patients require a specific multidisciplinary approach and that the continuous improvement in this disease knowledge and recent advances is mandatory in order to be able to offer the best treatment options. I really appreciated the continuous interaction between the faculty and the audience. Their availability to answer all our questions made this course a valuable opportunity to grow as researchers and clinicians."

Giulia Mazzaschi, Italy
ESMO-The Christie Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Manchester, March 2019

Inga Shoshiashvili

“First, I would like to thank ESMO for the opportunity to attend such a great preceptorship: it was an incredible experience! I have improved my knowledge in supportive and palliative care and this will help me in treating my patients more effectively. Every medical oncologist has to manage not only the specific treatments, but also the side effects induced toxicities. By participating to my first Preceptorship, my skills could really improve and with these my educational background: it is of a great importance for both personal growth and enhanced sharing of upgraded skills between team colleagues.”

Inga Shoshiashvili, Georgia
ESMO Preceptorship on Supportive and Palliative Care, Lugano, February 2019


“This meeting has underlined and reinforced the idea that a multidisciplinary approach yields the best outcomes for patients. Having a better understanding and perspective, from various specialists in the field, brought clarity on the concepts and will surely improve my daily practice and my overall patient care. I particularly appreciated the insights concerning the problem-solving approach in the heterogenous disease presentation of breast cancer.”

Ma. Theresa Buenaflor, Philippines
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Singapore, November 2018


“This was one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive meeting on Immuno-Oncology I have ever attended and helped me to learn concepts from the basics to the most recent advances across all tumour types. The quality of the lectures and the detailed information on both evidence-based medicine and recent advances were the hallmark of the meeting.”

Alok Gupta, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Singapore, November 2018


“I feel this meeting was excellent form the start until the end. The format of the course was set at a teaching level so that everybody could feel comfortable in freely asking questions to the speakers, which were eager to share their opinion and correct whenever needed without make us feel embarrassed. The environment was friendly and allowed the sharing of knowledge also among colleagues from different countries.”

Syed Furqan Hashmi, Pakistan
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Singapore, November 2018


“All that I have learnt during this event will constitute a significant building block in my journey as oncologist. The Preceptorship provided the right platform for me to interact with colleagues from other countries, exchange best practices, learn different cultures and most importantly create a strong network with other oncologists around the world. It also allowed me to erase boundaries and explore opportunity for international collaboration. I hope to achieve more through collaborations which will help me achieving the goal of providing access to safe, effective and sustainable treatment for my patients. Thank you ESMO for the opportunity in attending this wonderful event.”

Chih Kiang Tan, Malaysia
ESMO Preceptorship on NSCLC, Singapore, November 2018


“This was my first ESMO Preceptorship and I absolutely enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience and a very nice update on the guidelines and data concerning GI cancers. The thing I appreciated the most was the sharing of views, ideas, research, cases and real-world practices among oncologists form different countries on a single platform. I look forward to attending other similar events in the future.”

Vivek Agarwala, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours, Singapore, November 2018


“ESMO Preceptorship Programme is probably the best thing ESMO has ever created, talking from a young oncologist's perspective. So much benefit, from every single preceptorship I have participated so far. These courses are also useful to get prepared for the ESMO Exam and this one specifically has been one of an impressive quality. The gained knowledge made me more competent and able to give a better contribution in the multidisciplinary team meetings as well as in the and treatment decision process."

Ana Tečić Vuger, Croatia
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Zurich, November 2018

Chin Loon Neoh

“During this meeting I could learn the latest updates in diagnosis and management of different types of lymphoma, including some exciting trials that are in the pipeline. As a result, in my daily practice I will apply these up-to-date treatments on lymphoma and I will also remember the importance of including multidisciplinary team discussion inputs. This was my first Preceptorship and the learning opportunity is vast. I am also thankful for the opportunity of meeting fellow professionals from different countries and healthcare systems and to share our experience. This exchange between peers and with the faculty was the thing I liked the most.”

Chin Loon Neoh, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma, Lugano, November 2018

Ha Mo Linh Le

“This preceptorship exceeded my expectations. It covered all the major topics from screening to treating EBC to ABC in a comprehensive and interactive manner and it was helpful in questioning local practices by giving clear guidelines supported by strong evidence. I had a great experience interacting with international peers and specialists in the field and I believe I have learnt a lot in these two days.”

Ha Mo Linh Le, Belgium
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lisbon, November 2018

Adela Patcas

“I am grateful to ESMO for participating in this highly-educational course where I had the opportunity to learn the basic science of Immuno-Oncology and the latest improvements in different tumour types. Thanks to this experience, I now feel more prepared to select patients for immunotherapy treatments, as well as taking care of patients and toxicity management. It was a real great chance to be updated in all aspects of the immunotherapy.”

Adela Patcas, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, November 2018

Petra Jurčić

“This preceptorship offered a very valuable opportunity to get acquainted with the novelties in the therapy of prostate cancer. I have learned a lot about the classification and graduation of prostate cancer, treatment of localised prostate cancer, radiotherapy, sequencing of the therapy, as well as treatment monitoring. The communication with the faculty members was very amiable and productive. I was very pleased to meet the colleagues from all over Europe and share the different approach in treatment practices. Even during the dinner, the faculty members have always been available for discussion. They gave us their contacts and were ready to share their knowledge/experience with us.”

Petra Jurčić, Croatia
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Lugano, October 2018

Shelize Khakoo

“This preceptorship course provided a unique opportunity to be updated in all aspects of Gastric Cancer from different multi-disciplinary experts, e.g. good overview of all relevant clinical trials (ongoing reported), what is new in endoscopic techniques, what a surgeon would consider optimal surgery etc. This course allowed me to come up with ideas for future research and provided me with a reminder of the evidence base for some of the decisions we make in everyday practice. Really good opportunity to network, update my knowledge and understand how practice might vary in other countries. Wonderful experience, very passionate faculty.”

Shelize Khakoo, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Valencia, September 2018

Sara Merler

“This meeting contributed to improve my knowledge in clinical practice in brain tumours and underlined the importance of being up-to-date with the latest news as well as the importance of following up the ESMO clinical practice guidelines. Very good! I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to get in touch with such great European experts. I appreciated the informal atmosphere of the course.”

Sara Merler, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Brain Tumours, Athens, September 2018


“I would like to thank ESMO for this rewarding experience! By participating to this course I have consolidated my knowledge, gained tools to look at the current practice guidelines and new perspectives. The course was a thought provoking, practice-changing opportunity to interact with major experts in the field and I really appreciated how they were able to give a full picture of current clinical management in the field of mRCC and bladder cancer by merging evidence based data and real world problems.”

Shaik Maheboob Hussain, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Metastatic Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Singapore, September 2018


“The course had a fruitful, interactive and academic approach thanks to which I could clarify many concepts concerning biology of cancer, multidisciplinary management and treatment advances. This experience was extremely motivating and suits perfectly the needs of the young oncologists. Lectures were excellent, full of interesting information and the speakers were outstanding. Their clear methodology was essential to help us grab the most important concepts and take home the most important messages.”

Romeo Bani, Albania
ESMO Preceptorship on Head and Neck Cancer, Zurich, May 2018


“The participation to this ESMO Preceptorship allowed me to learn the best multidisciplinary approach by following the advices of pathologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and medical oncologists. Now I will definitely be more efficient in the multidisciplinary board discussions. It was a very interesting experience for my daily practice as well as an opportunity to network with young oncologists from all over Europe. ESMO preceptorships are a unique way to share the best practice in your field with young colleagues and faculty leaders.”

Anthony Turpin, France
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2018

Stavros Gkolfinopoulos

"This has definitely been a thought-provoking, practice-changing experience. After this, I can say that not only do I feel a better physician, but also I have the impression that I have been offered a wider perspective in an exciting and demanding discipline of oncology. After discussing with most of the other participants, I have the sense that this meeting has succeeded in conveying to us its most important message: that we should not manage AYA cancer patients as smaller versions of adults, but as unique individuals, with their own specific needs and worries that suffer from a disease with a unique biology, that calls for a specific approach."

Stavros Gkolfinopoulos, Greece
ESMO Preceptorship on AYA Malignancies, Lugano, May 2018

Silvana-Adelina Gheorghe

"It was a magnificent and eye-opening experience for which I am very grateful. It is amazing what is happening in the field of immuno-oncology and I am glad I have chosen this specialty. Thanks to this Preceptorship I have learnt that basic science is strongly correlated with clinical science and that in order to be a complete doctor you have to understand and rely on both. This meeting will definitively bring a valuable contribution to my future practice, also because the subjects were approached in a very authentic and "patient" way that made them easy to understand for young oncologists like me."

Silvana-Adelina Gheorghe, Romania
Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Lugano, May 2018


"During this meeting we had the opportunity to discuss new approaches which put patients into context as individuals, with all their needs and fears, but obviously still keeping in mind our treatment goals. I have also improved my communication skills and my clinical judgement which have become more evidence-based and patient-oriented. It has been an amazing, unforgettable and very inspiring experience. I am grateful to all the faculty members and appreciated their openness and honesty."

Nikita Shorokhov, Russian Federation
ESMO Preceptorship on Supportive and Palliative Care, Lugano, April 2018

von Arx Claudia

"I have now consolidated my knowledge on NEN and the discussion with the faculty members has opened my mind about new aspects of my daily clinical research and activity. Thanks to this meeting my confidence in NEN management has increased: I gained tools to look at current guidelines with a more critical approach. It has been a very rewarding experience and an opportunity to exchange ideas with the major experts in the field and with other young colleagues. I have really appreciated how the faculty has given a full and clear picture of the current management by merging the evidence-based data with the real-world problems, hence providing us with very interesting solutions and information."

Claudia von Arx, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Neuroendocrine Neoplasms, Lugano, April 2018


"It was a very enriching experience. I leave Manchester definitely more prepared to treat patients with lung cancer. The programme was very well balanced and it helped me organize my knowledge in lung cancer and fulfil some gaps I had, with the opportunity of questioning experts. It is always different to “learn from the books” than to have specialists in the field giving their own opinion about the data we have. Thank you for the opportunity! "

Marta Vaz Batista, Portugal
ESMO-The Christie Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Manchester, March 2018


"This Preceptorship was overall a very positive experience. The faculty made of experts of the field was very good in explaining difficult concepts and providing a great summary of the basic science and evidence surrounding nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal cancer. The case discussions were particularly productive and raised a lot of interesting questions for future trials to address."

Lawrence Kasherman, Australia
ESMO Preceptorship on Head & Neck Cancer, Hong Kong SAR, China, March 2018


"The Preceptorship was very comprehensive and informative and I really appreciated how it was able to incorporate special issues and concerns in the field that are not commonly discussed such as breast cancer in pregnancy, male breast cancer and management of elderly and young breast cancer patients."

Edgar Christian Cuaresma, Philippines
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Singapore, November 2017


"This course was very well organized and lectures were designed to allow adequate discussions and comments pertaining to each topic. Immunotherapy might be the future of our daily clinical oncology practice and thanks to this programme I have improved my knowledge in this field."

Rammohan Prasanna, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Singapore, November 2017


"I have really appreciated the clarity of the trials review and how the faculty gave an interesting picture of the evolving landscape of prostate cancer. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this Preceptorship, it was the best event I have been to this year."

Vanessa Wong, Australia
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Singapore, November 2017


“I really appreciate the dedication of ESMO in delivering world-class education to everyone and its commitment to improve knowledge, advance science and possible cancer cures.
In my last experience at the NSCLC Preceptorship all the presentations and their contents were clear and very useful.”

Karthikeyan Perumal, India
ESMO Preceptorship on NSCLC, Singapore, November 2017


"Preceptorship courses are excellent opportunities to gain updated and authentic knowledge along with building professional relationships. During these meetings you can exchange your views and easily ask questions to the faculty in order to get appropriate solutions to real practice problems."

Mishra Ashutosh, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours, Singapore, November 2017


“By participating to this meeting, I could discover new possibilities in therapy strategies but also in prevention and imaging of Breast Cancer. I had the opportunity to hear about the latest findings in the field and on the communication with patients. The faculty members were excellent in their presentations and in sharing knowledge, with their winning familial easy-to talk to- approach. The programme was very well picked. Thanks to all this I will be more confident with the latest data and in discussing treatment options in our tumour board and I will advise my patients about their disease and therapy possibilities in a more sensitive way. ”

Frederike Klaassen Federspiel, Austria
ESMO Breast Preceptorship, Lisbon, November 2017


“ESMO Preceptorships is about learning, sharing knowledge and networking at the same time. My experience at this meeting was totally positive, either for the scientific environment I plunged in and for the logistic organization. I had the opportunity to learn new notions and refresh my knowledge. All this will help me in choosing the right treatment for my patients relying on evidence based results.”

Giulia Orsi, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, November 2017


"The participation to this meeting has allowed me to redefine the importance of continuing education: it is only through frequent updates that we can deliver the best diagnosis and treatment options possible. I appreciated the perfect organization of the event, the comprehensive information and high level of the invited speakers. This meeting is a model of top educational event for young oncologists."

Calogero Mazzara, Switzerland
ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma, Lugano, November 2017


"The great structure of this course allowed a fluid and stress-free learning. The Faculty proposed a complete and pragmatic overview of the management of Colorectal Cancer patients and covered daily practice issues as well as unanswered questions to be investigated in possible trials.  I could better understand the tumour type attribution and their new compounds development correspondence."

Jessica Menis, France
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Barcelona, October 2017


“This Preceptorship has left me with a very interesting and pleasant memory. Like all ESMO events, it was a truly rewarding experience providing evidence-based information and true guidance in the presented field. The participation in this ESMO course will give me the certainty that when I will be treating patients, I will be doing all that I can, according to the highest standard of care, provided by highly experienced and performant specialists.”

Luminita Gurguta, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Lugano, October 2017

Fokter Nina

"This Preceptorship provided a bigger picture of the epidemiology, pathology, molecular biology, diagnostic approaches and treatment of Gastric Cancer than any other event. I will now consider additional aspects such as tumour heterogeneity when treating individual patients, and I will also make sure that the practice changing results of recent trials are implemented in my center. It is really amazing how dedicated ESMO is to education: we share the same goal - improving patient care - and I think that giving the same access opportunities to young oncologists from wealthy and less wealthy countries, as ESMO does, is crucial for this common objective."

Nina Fokter Dovnik, Slovenia
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer , Valencia, October 2017


“Participating in this meeting brought me a new awareness on the importance of sharing my opinion with other specialists in the management of patients with colorectal cancer to ensure a multidisciplinary decision making process. Given the content of the course, I will also much more consider the use of locoregional approaches other than surgery. The nice environment of this very informative meeting brought me to the conclusion that ESMO young oncologists are the beating heart of an innovative oncology consisting of new ideas and career opportunities.”

Elisa Giommoni, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2017


“The conference was well organised, comprehensive and very enjoyable. The speakers were well-rehearsed and the material was well tailored to the audience. The opportunity to meet young oncology trainees from across the continent was fairly unique and certainly worthwhile. In terms of the presented material, I thought that there was a good mix of basic/translational science and clinical information. I would highly recommend this course to all my colleagues, since it was a fantastic and memorable couple of days!”

Amit Samani, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Amsterdam, May 2017


“Excellent interaction with the faculty! The meeting was very well organised and structured. Enough time was given to the participants to discuss interesting clinical cases. By attending this preceptorship, not only could I refresh my knowledge on Neuroendocrine Neoplasms, benefiting the most from such a multidisciplinary approach, but I have also improved my knowledge on various aspects of it, especially in the areas of radiology, nuclear medicine and surgery.”

Danilo Martinovic, Germany
ESMO Preceptorship on Neuroendocrine Neoplasms, Prague, April 2017


“This preceptorship has been a wonderful experience! Definitely a great opportunity to learn about the management of ovarian cancer from surgery to the new horizons. Excellent faculty!!! Clinical case discussions were very interesting. I’ve learnt much about the best clinical practice and how to improve patients’ outcomes, to focus on new clinical trials, new treatment pathways and future perspectives. It has been a great opportunity to meet experts and fellows from all over Europe, to share our clinical experience and clinical cases and keep contacts for future collaborations”

Eleonora Ghisoni, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Ovarian Cancer, Prague, April 2017


“The participation to this meeting had broaden my knowledge and critical reading of clinical trials, which will allow me to communicate better with my patients and answer their questions. It was also a great opportunity to exchange clinical daily practice with other participants. The thing I appreciated the most about this course was the high level of educational performance of the speakers, which allowed me to get familiar to standards of lung cancer treatment in other countries in Europe.”

Weronika Maria Szejniuk, Denmark
ESMO-The Christie Preceptorship Lung Cancer, Manchester, March 2017


“Thank you ESMO for this opportunity! This event was very well organized. I had the opportunity to learn about new data related to fatigue, anorexia, nutrition and cachexia, as well as psychological issues and communication skills during the end-of-life talks. I will try to develop good communication skills in my daily practice. It was also very interesting to exchange opinions with colleagues coming from all Europe.”

Jelena Dimitrijevic, Serbia
ESMO Preceptorship on Supportive and Palliative Care, Zurich, February 2017


“I am very grateful for the great opportunity I had to attend this unique Preceptorship. It gave me the chance to understand from different perspectives the field of Immuno-Oncology. The meeting has also been a great opportunity to attend the lectures of leading experts. As we do not have this kind of events in Poland, it was very important for my education and inspiring for the development of the research project in vulvar cancer. It was also a pleasure to take part in the networking dinner, where I met all the colleagues from all over Europe and discussed future projects.”

Kamil Zalewski, Poland
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Madrid, February 2017


“ESMO meetings always give me a new experience beyond my expectation. The qualification and credibility of the Faculty members to guide the topics is absolutely influencing our knowledge and determination. I have also appreciated the validity of recent publications and data presented by the Faculty. The discussions and the ESMO guidelines are a reference point to me in order to update my department’s protocols and achieve better outcomes.”

Juli Jamnasi, Indonesia
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Singapore, December 2016


“I truly learned a lot! The Faculty focused on liquid biopsy and immunotherapy use. I received a lot of updates on scenarios that I also see every day in my clinic. There will be a few adjustments that I will have to make based on Faculty input. The interactive format of the event was very helpful in getting the attention of the audience. The Faculty showed insight in giving suggestions about how clinical decisions should be made.”

Jaime Enrique Hilado, Philippines
ESMO Preceptorship on NSCLC, Singapore, December 2016


“This experience was great! This course has provided me a platform to interact, exchange information and learn from the clinical experience of oncologists coming from all over the world. The clinical cases discussions helped me to learn how to manage different clinical scenarios and the knowledge acquired during this event will allow me to take better decisions when I treat patients. It will also help me to discuss all the possible treatment options with the patient in order to take better decisions.”

Deepthi Valiyaveettil, India
ESMO Preceptorship on NSCLC, Singapore, December 2016


“Fantastic series of experienced lecturers from basics of Immuno-Oncology and Immuno-Therapy to translational work. This event helped me to understand intricate details and put things into perspective, especially during the clinical cases discussions. It was definitely helpful to focus on basic biology, as we increasingly use more immunotherapy as standard practice, especially in managing toxicities. Excellent organization, including venue and food. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I will go home to tell other trainee colleagues to come.”

Jonathan Lim, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, November 2016


"During the Preceptorship I obtained lots of useful notions, especially on new treatment approaches for different malignancies, clinical trials and adoptive T-cell transfer. The presentations were full of interesting data and at the same time easy to understand. Now I can recognize the importance of signalling pathways and I changed my opinion about possible effects of vaccines. I would like to express my gratitude to ESMO for such an excellent opportunity. Sharing opinions and experience with my colleagues from all over the world brought me to a comprehensive view on Immuno-Oncology. Many thanks!"

Evgenia Kharchenko, Russian Federation
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Zurich, November 2016


"It was a nice experience! I think I will change few things in the treatment of Hodgkin’s disease and in the methods of follow-up patients diagnosis with HHL. I liked the practical aspects learned in the management of patients and the interaction during the discussions. I appreciated the fact that all the recommendations were based on evidence from clinical trials and the personal opinions of the Faculty were separated."

Ana-Maria Moldovianu, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Lymphoma, Madrid, November 2016


"This preceptorship meeting provided me with comprehensive topics and multidisciplinary expertise to improve the benefits of our patients’ treatments. Our daily practice will surely adopt the most recent recommendations by ESMO to achieve better results and quality of life of our patients. The experience has been superb and beyond expectations. I am very excited about learning and discussing issues with the experts. I sincerely thank the Committee and especially ESMO to make this happen."

Juli Jamnasi, Indonesia
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastrointestinal Tumours, Singapore, October 2016


"This event helped me on my research project on Master Cells and Molecular Biology. I feel I have been fully equipped to go and face my studies. I have enjoyed many presentations and clinical cases. The course was very well organised and I really appreciated to see professionals working from all angles in order to find breakthroughs in cancer treatments. I especially would like to thank all the staff for the event planning, the cooperation and the good accommodation."

Jenipher Choto, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Amsterdam, September/October 2016


"This was my second Preceptorship and ESMO has once again surprised me. The most informative part of the course was the discussion of treatment options in triple negative breast cancer and I am sure it will have a positive effect on my daily practice. For young oncologists like me these are precious moments to learn from high level professionals. I would rate the course as excellent."

Narmin Talibova, Azerbaijan
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lisbon, September 2016


"The Lisbon Breast Cancer Preceptorship was an important experience for my professional life. I found every moment worthwhile. From now on I will look in a new light the disease and the treatment options. I would like to say thank you to ESMO for giving me the opportunity to be a participant and to attend these refined activities. Colleagues and experts from all over the world were open to share their experience and offer excellent advices in daily practice."

Emoke Palyi-Kiss, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lisbon, September 2016

Bodil Engelmann

"I appreciated the great, open and welcoming atmosphere I found at this very well organised meeting! I gained new knowledge about molecular profiles in colorectal cancer and I could acquire a better overview of new trials. I think that the background knowledge I have obtained will help me in making better treatment decisions. In addition, the speakers were very engaging and gave great lectures."

Bodil Engelmann, Denmark
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Prague, July 2016


"This was my first preceptorship: I can say that this type of educational events is very beneficial for young oncologists. This course included the presentation of the newly published ESMO Consensus guidelines which helped me to better understand the strategy I should follow with my patients with Metastatic Cancer. I appreciated the support of ESMO, the well organised sessions and also the high calibre Faculty members."

Ahmed Ramadan, Denmark
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Prague, July 2016

Cinzia Solinas

"This meeting was amazing, really useful and exciting for several reasons: good quality of the programme and speakers, networking with colleagues and experts from different countries/institutions and, last but not least, excellent location, organization and kindness of all the staff. I believe that what I learnt by participating made me more confident in my knowledge and will guide me in my future studies."

Cinzia Solinas, Belgium
ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Siena, July 2016

Alok Gupta

"I would rate this experience as excellent! Much better and more informative than any other conference on prostate cancer I have ever attended. The comprehensive nature of the course, covering all aspects of prostate cancer management, in addition to its interactivity, created a perfect match. I would definitively like to be part of other Preceptorships in the future."

Alok Gupta, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Prague, June 2016


"It has been a "full immersion event" allowing me to get familiar with advances and standards of care in management of gastric cancer. I particularly enjoyed the possibility to talk with the speakers during the discussion time and the breaks. I also loved the clinical cases discussion because some of them were really challenging and gave me the opportunity to check what I’ve learned in the first day and revise my approach according to the presentations!"

Dorota Nowakowska, Poland
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer Prague, June 2016


"This has been a wonderful experience. This was my first ESMO conference and I was absolutely impressed by the Faculty members, the content of their presentations and the interesting modes of delivery. In addition to that, the relaxed atmosphere of the meeting was perfect to learn about improving oncology care with evidence based medicine."

John Tabiri Abebrese, Belarus
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Prague, June 2016


"I had an excellent overview of current evidence in Colorectal Cancer research that will impact my present practice helping me making better decisions and giving me more confidence in defining treatment strategies. This course was a great opportunity for me since I am still at the beginning of my clinical practice: for this reason, I could not share a significant experience but I felt confidant to ask questions and to interact with the experts in this friendly environment."

Maria João Silva, Portugal
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2016


"It was an excellent experience! A great opportunity for trainees to get a brilliant overview of relevant topics on management of Colorectal Cancer as well as an insight into practices in different countries and last but not least, the chance to meet other trainees from across Europe. I also appreciate the opportunity to listen to experts in the field and speak directly with them".

Alexa Childs, United Kingdom
ESMO Preceptorship on Colorectal Cancer, Valencia, May 2016

Giulia Buzzati

"An enriching experience I would recommend to everyone! I found this preceptorship on lung cancer very educational and well organised – a good balance between the update on recent studies and the clinical practice approach. I am sure some of the latest data from clinical trials will be of benefit to my daily practice."

Giulia Buzzati, Italy
ESMO Preceptorship on Lung Cancer, Manchester, February 2016


"I would like to say thank you very much to ESMO for the great organisation of the preceptorships, the warm welcoming and the hard work you are doing for us. I would leave a very positive feedback on the previous course of ESMO, the Gastric Cancer Preceptorship in Brussels. I must say that the sessions were with no doubt of a very high quality and interesting, the speakers were very open to discussions. As far as the organisation was concerned, I would have no comment, excellent venue, housing and very accessible location from Europe."

Andra Piciu, Romania
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Brussels, September 2015

Carmen Herrero

"I found that ESMO Preceptorship on gastric cancer was a rewarding experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone who are in training. It helps to learn, share knowledge and better understand oncology from different points of view"

Carmen Herrero, Spain
ESMO Preceptorship on Gastric Cancer, Brussels, September 2015

Paul Lorigan

"The Prague Immuno-oncology Preceptorship was a great success and I feel privileged to have been involved with this with my colleague Olivier Michelin. We welcomed sixty young oncologists from all over the world (Australia, India, Vietnam, Lebanon, Ukraine, and Europe). The faculty was made up of international experts from a broad range of tumour-types who shared a common interest in immuno-oncology and an enthusiasm for education and research. The programme left plenty of time for discussion and indeed it was these interactions that were key to the success of the Preceptorship. All delegates submitted a case for discussion and five were selected for presentation. These were of a very high standard and represented a broad range of disease-types and challenging questions, congratulations to the presenters.

Immuno-oncology is changing how we treat cancer patients. It will be our young colleagues who have to develop and deliver the promise of this treatment approach. I learnt a lot at this meeting and I feel the attendees did as well. Congratulations to ESMO for organising and supporting such a worthwhile educational event."

Paul Lorigan, United Kingdom
Co-Chair ESMO Preceptorship on Immuno-Oncology, Prague, October 2015

Lika Katselashvili

"Words cannot fully express how much I appreciate the chance ESMO gave me as an young oncologist to attend a preceptorship meeting. I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and to meet and discuss with top oncologists around the Europe. After the meeting I felt one step up in my career."

Lika Katselashvili, Georgia
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Prague, April 2015


Surendra Pal Chaudhary

"I always find all the ESMO faculties, staff and participants very warm and welcoming to discussions and suggestions during and after meetings. I recently participated in the Preceptorship Meeting on Prostate Cancer and I found every moment worthwhile, just like previous ESMO Meetings. I am especially thankful to ESMO for their generous support in the form of travel grants which enable young oncologists to attend these highly refined educational activities, which will have a tangible impact in sharpening and shaping their oncology career."

Surendra Pal Chaudhary, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate Cancer, Prague, April 2015


Immunotherapy of Cancer Preceptorship

"Sara Valpione, from Italy found that the preceptorship was a great experience, with a professional and friendly atmosphere. “The sessions were interactive with ample discussions with The Christie faculty and participants” said Madiha Kanwal from China. Sunishtha Yadav from India highlighted that such meetings are very important for Clinical/Medical Oncologists and Scientists/Researchers alike: “The meeting focused on both translational research and the medical implementation. Furthermore, this provides a platform for networking and vital exchange of knowledge”."

From left: Sara Valpione, Italy; Madiha Kanwal, China and Sunishtha Bhatia, India
ESMO Preceptorship on Immunotherapy, January 2015

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