Status of Medical Oncology in Europe

MOSES Survey

The ESMO Medical Oncology Status in Europe Survey (MOSES) is designed to evaluate the status of medical oncology in Europe with special regard to:

  • Recognition of medical oncology as an independent speciality
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate education and training
  • Specialisation and sub-specialisations of oncology
  • Certification and continuing medical education
  • Patterns of care and multidisciplinary collaboration

The survey aims at:

  • Identifying and understanding the strengths, weaknesses, inequalities, and areas of necessary improvement in the field and practice of medical oncology, regarding professional education and training, healthcare facilities, and national programmes
  • Gaining a better understanding of the role ESMO can take in helping countries face the challenge of reducing disparities in the quality of care available to patients
  • Establishing further evidence of the need to recognise medical oncology as an independent speciality at a European level
  • Understanding of the role 'optimal' resources plays in improving the outcome of cancer diseases