Marina Garassino

Term 2015 – 2016
Address Fondazione IRCCS - Instituto Nazionale dei Tumori
Division of Medical Oncology
Via Giacomo Venezian 1
20133 Milano


Marina Garassino

Marina Garassino, MD, is currently a Medical Consultant at the Medical Oncology Division of the National Cancer Institute of Milan, where her principle area of research is thoracic oncology.

In 1995, Dr Garassino received her medical degree in medicine from the University of Milan and in 1999 she achieved her board specialisation in Oncology and continued her training in oncology at various European institutions. She held a clinical post at the Fatebenefratelli Ophthalmic Hospital in Milan, Italy, from 2005 to 2011.

Dr Garassino, who was the founder of the AIOM Giovani (Italian Young Oncologists Committee) in 2001 (chair 2003-2007) and also a previous member of the ESMO Young Oncologists Committee, has served or is serving on several national and international committees and task forces, and also participates in trials; in particular, she is coordinator of the TAILOR trial.

Strongly involved with the international oncology community, Dr Garassino is an active member of several ESMO committees, in the areas of education, publication and public policy, and was on the local committee for the ESMO Congress 2010 in Milan. She is a member of the ESMO Lung Cancer Faculty, ESMO Public Policy Committee, and ESMO Publishing Working Group and the ESMO National Representative in Italy 2012-2014 and 2015-2016.

A keen networker herself, Dr Garassino is convinced that building relations between national and international societies is key when working to fight the impact of cancer in our patients, with “good science that leads to better medicine and supports best practice”, and she say, referring also to the ESMO tagline.

Dr Marina Garassino has 37 English language and 23 Italian language publications to her name and is co-author of several papers on lung cancer.