ESMO Press Releases

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Date Title Topic
17 Oct 2018 ESMO Women for Oncology Forum focuses on power sharing to foster gender equality [ESMO Media Alert]
16 Oct 2018 ESMO advocacy for patient-centred care takes on global dimension [ESMO Press Release]
16 Oct 2018 Financial impacts of cancer found to intensify disease burden among German patients [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Bioethics, legal and economic issues
12 Oct 2018 Breast cancer patients use Twitter as a non-medical forum to share their experiences [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer
10 Oct 2018 Trust in non-conventional therapies by cancer patients not matched with proper awareness about their risks [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Sarcomas - Palliative and supportive care - Personalised medicine
09 Oct 2018 Targeted drugs for advanced cancer move from specialist units to community setting [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Pathology/Molecular biology - Personalised medicine
04 Oct 2018 ESMO 2018 Congress Curtain Raiser
19 Sep 2018 ESMO 2018 Awardees announced [ESMO Press Release]
10 Sep 2018 Following the tumour DNA trail to crack the secrets of personalised medicine [MAP Press Release] Pathology/Molecular biology - Translational research - Personalised medicine
28 Aug 2018 Men and women are different: Why medical oncology needs to restate the obvious [ESMO Press Release] Diagnosis, Imaging and Staging - Epidemiology/Etiology/Cancer Prevention - Personalised medicine
21 Aug 2018 New ESMO tumour DNA scale helps match patients with cancer to optimal targeted medicines [ESMO Press Release] Personalised medicine
05 Jul 2018 ESMO and ASCO call on governments to improve cancer services and reduce cancer deaths [ESMO Press release] Bioethics, legal and economic issues - Epidemiology/Etiology/Cancer Prevention
28 Jun 2018 MAP Congress 2018: Interpreting Molecular Alterations for Clinical Practice Personalised medicine
15 Jun 2018 20 Years of Excellence in Gastrointestinal Research and Practice [WCGI Media Alert] Gastrointestinal cancers
14 Jun 2018 ESMO 2020 Annual Congress back in Madrid