ESMO Press Releases

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Date Title Topic
18 Sep 2019 Electronic Nose Can Sniff Out Which Lung Cancer Patients Will Respond to Immunotherapy [Annals of Oncology Press Release]
03 Sep 2019 Winners of ESMO 2019 awards announced
23 Jul 2019 ESMO Congress 2019 Translating Science into Better Cancer Patient Care [ESMO2019 Media Alert]
06 Jul 2019 Targeted Therapy Combination Improves Survival in Patients with Advanced Bowel Cancer [ESMO World GI Press Release] Gastrointestinal cancers
06 Jul 2019 New Trial Demonstrates the Efficacy of a More Flexible Dose of Regorafenib to Relieve Side-effects in Patients with Metastatic Colon Cancer [ESMO World GI Press Release] Gastrointestinal cancers
02 Jul 2019 Greater Awareness Needed of Stomach Cancer Risk in Under-40s, Especially in Latin America [ESMO World GI Press Release] Gastrointestinal cancers - Cancer in Special Situations / Population
19 Jun 2019 ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer [Media Alert] Gastrointestinal cancers
12 Jun 2019 Antibodies Against HPV16 Can Develop up to 40 Years Before Throat Cancer is Diagnosed and Mark a 100-fold Increase in Risk in White People [Annals of Oncology Press Release] Head and neck cancers
29 May 2019 ESMO Congress in Paris for the first time in 2021
01 May 2019 HER2 Positive Breast Cancer: Treatment De-escalation Needs to Be Personalised [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer - Personalised medicine
30 Apr 2019 Breast Cancer in Young Women: Good Outcomes with Advised Therapy [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer - Cancer in Special Situations / Population
30 Apr 2019 Continuous Chemotherapy Improves Outcomes and Quality of Life in Advanced Breast Cancer [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer
30 Apr 2019 Global HER2 Testing Survey Raises Questions About Priorities for Breast Cancer Resources [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer - Bioethics, legal and economic issues
30 Apr 2019 ESMO Breast Cancer 2019: Making the Case for Integrated Care Ahead of Innovation [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer
23 Apr 2019 Innovation at the heart of breast cancer care: First ESMO Breast Cancer Congress [ESMO Media Alert] Breast cancer