Cancer Guides for Patients

Guides for Patients are designed to assist patients, their relatives and caregivers to better understand the nature of different types of cancer and evaluate the best available treatment choices.

Patient Guides by cancer type

Produced by ESMO, the guides translate complex medical information into a language understandable to patients. The medical information is based on the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines. Some guides for patients are produced together with the non-profit organisation Anticancer Fund

Patient Guides by language

All guides are available in English, French Italian and Spanish. Most guides are also available in Dutch Greek, Japanese, Polish Romanian and Slovak. Several guides are available in Albanian Arabic, Croatian, Finnish German, Hungarian Portuguese, Russian and Serbian. They are all available here.

Personalised Medicine Guide for Patients

In this guide, we provide an overview on governing principles of personalised medicine, illustrating them through examples in several tumour types. Find out more about the Personalised Cancer Medicine Guide for Patients here.

Patient Guide on Survivorship

A key to survivorship is to regain, as far as possible, the important aspects of life before cancer, and to find new pathways to a satisfactory life going forward. The Patient Guide on Survivorship is created by ESMO and ECPC in collaboration with IPOS. Find out more about Patient Guide on Survivorship here

Patient Guide on Immunotherapy-Related Side Effects and Their Management

This patient guide contains information on side effects associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors, how your oncology team will manage these symptoms, and a few strategies you can use yourself to minimise their effects.

Patient Guide on Cancer Pain Management

Patients with cancer commonly experience pain due to the cancer itself, the cancer treatment, or a combination of both. This patient guide provides up-to-date guidance on the types of treatments for cancer pain and any possible side effects of its treatment. Find out more here.

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