U.O. Oncologia Media AV 2 Fabriano Asur Marche, Fabriano

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Rosa Rita Silva
Address Viale Stelluti Scala 26
60044 Fabriano


Contact +39 0732707447 -

Centre history

The Oncology Unit of Fabriano started its activity in 1991; It’s located in a General Hospital and structured with an out-patient hospital ward, a home care service , a Hospice

Department profile

The Oncology Unit consists of an out patient hospital ward with 8 beds, 4 armchairs , 6 oncology and palliative care ambulatories , Home Care Service, Hospice (8 rooms-8 beds); the multidisciplinary team consists of 5 oncologists, 2 oncologists trained in palliative medicine, 2 psychologists, 7 health care workers, 13 nurses, 1 coordinator nurse, 1 chaplain, 3 volunteers. There is also a ONLUS Association (Associazione Oncologica Fabrianese) which supports the Oncology Unit by means of public and private integration, paying the income of 2 doctors trained in palliative care and 2 psychologists

Areas of specialisation

The centre is traditionally involved in research on new options for treatment of solid tumours, with particular attention to GI cancer.

In 2000 a Home Care team dedicated to supportive, palliative and home care was established; since 2008 a Hospice , located in front of the Oncology Unit ward, is available.

The “mission” of our Medical Oncology Unit is the reception and care of patients from the diagnosis of cancer to cure or death. All patients submitted to cancer directed therapy are evaluated by the oncologists and the palliative care professionals. Palliative care is considered part of cancer care and at the same time all patients who are receiving palliative care can have oncologic evaluation and care

Palliative and supportive care


Medical Oncology Unit integrates Medical Oncology activity with a “Palliative Care System” organized in 3 services:

  • Ambulatory and Day Hospice for Palliative Care dedicated to outpatients
  • Home Care for non ambulatory terminally ill patients, who are able to receive global assistance (medical, psychological, nursing, social and spiritual) at home (in particular patients willing to remain at home or having a supportive family) .The team is set up with a Medical Oncologist trained in Palliative Care, a nurse, (both working also in the Oncology Unit), a dedicated psychologist, with the contribution of the General Practitioner (GP); if necessary a volunteer, and a social assistant can be part of the team.
  • Hospice: where global assistance for non ambulatory terminally ill patients is delivered. The team consists of: a Medical Oncologist trained in Palliative Care, GP, nursing 24 hours, Psychologist, Volunteers, Social Assistants, a Chaplain.