S. Anna University Hospital, Clinical Oncology Unit, Ferrara

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr. Antonio Frassoldati
Address Via Aldo Moro 8
CONA 44124, Ferrara


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S. Anna University Hospital, Clinical Oncology Unit, Ferrara, Italy


The Clinical Oncology Unit was established in 2000 previously it was part of Oncology Section of a Medical Department. Since September 2001 it has been directed by Dr. Giorgio Lelli. Its principal function is the integrated treatment of solid tumours, both with antineoplastic drugs and with supportive care.


The Oncology Unit consists of an inpatient ward (20 inpatient places), where 5 physicians, 14 nurses, 1 nurses coordinator and 1 health professional work, a day-hospital ward (10 seats and 6 beds to receive chemotherapy and supportive care) where 5 physicians and 7 nurses take over chemotherapy administration and perform medicals, and an outpatient service for the management of follow-up visits, nutrition, osteometabolic, neuro-oncologic and palliative care matters. Two data managers attend to the clinical trials office.

Patients’ access is provided by a Central Booking Service or directly by the Unit for programmed controls. Urgent patients can reach the Unit directly from the Central Emergency Service of the Hospital; non urgent services can be programmed by a telephone call from patients General Practitioner. The medical examinations are done daily, also on public holidays. Doctors are always available to give information to patients and family.

The Unit provides:

  • Systemic or locoregional (endocavitary) chemotherapy
  • Hormonal therapies
  • Supportive care of treatments’ side-effects and of cancer complications
  • Interventional manoeuvres (paracentesis, thoracentesis, biopsies, invasive analgesic treatments, positioning and monitoring of central venous catheters).

In the Hospital a Central Onco-therapies Preparation Service, a Radiotherapy Service, a Nuclear Medicine Service, a PET scan, CT scan and NMR scan equipment are available. The Laboratory is centralised.


The Oncology Unit provides integrated care for all solid tumours (including rare tumours) and supportive care. It is also the referral point for clinical governance of the Ferrara region through a telephone consultation service and the drawing up of standard schemes for treatment according to the principal guide-lines of the scientific societies.

Palliative and supportive care

S. Anna University Hospital, Clinical Oncology Unit Staff, Ferrara, Italy

A strong relationship between our staff and the oncologic DHs of the district, Chronic Care Departments, Hospices, community physicians, home care teams, allows us to follow patients during disease history when palliation is needed. Consulting activities outside the hospital requested by community physicians are provided for a few days. The management of refractory symptoms or complex clinical situations take place during collaborative debates after daily patients clinical examination and during weekly staff meetings. Since 2000 the Centre has implemented a liaison model with the Service of Psycho-Oncology (SPO), Unit of Clinical Psychiatry, University Hospital and Department of Mental Health.