Onkologisches und Palliativmedizinisches Netzwerk Landshut

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr. Med. Ursula Vehling-Kaiser
Address Ländgasse 132-135
84028 Landshut


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Onkologisches und Palliativmedizinisches Zentrum Landshut, Germany


The Centre for Oncology and Palliative Medicine Landshut (Onkologisches und Palliativmedizinisches Netzwerk Landshut) is a network consisting of hospital based and ambulatory institutions for the comprehensive care of cancer and patients with palliative treatment of cancer that was founded in 2005.


The Centre offers in-patient and ambulatory care for haematological, cancer and palliative treatment as well as a community nurse and ambulatory palliative service for the rural district of Landshut with a population of 210.000, and neighbouring regions in Lower Bavaria.

The centre is headed by a specialist for haematology and offers 21 beds for medical cancer patients as well as 14 beds on the palliative care unit at the Krankenhaus Landshut-Achdorf. The accredited medical centre Landshut-Achdorf is a teaching hospital of the Technical University of Munich and part of the communal corporation for medical care La.KUMed (Landshuter Kommunalunternehmen für Medizinische Versorgung) which comprises 568 beds at three sites within the district, providing all medical and surgical facilities (Krankenhaus Landshut-Achdorf, Krankenhaus Vilsbiburg, Schlossklinik Rottenburg). An interdisciplinary centre for pain therapy and management at the Krankenhaus Vilsbiburg provides ambulatory and in-patient treatment (20 beds).

The specialised ambulatory palliative service for home-care (Spezialisierte ambulante Palliativversorgung, SAPV) is organised through the day care centres. There is a 24 hours/7days telephone hotline for the oncologist on call and the palliative care nurse for patients, relatives and medical staff within the network.


Continuity of medical and palliative care is provided including a patient transport system, a 24 hours/7 days hotline and a specialised ambulatory palliative care programme. The centre's own academy organises teaching activities for medical and nursing clinicians. (Akademie für Onkologie, Hämatologie, Palliativmedizin und Hospizarbeit Landshut).

Palliative and supportive care

The palliative care unit, located in the Krankenhaus Landshut-Achdorf, counts 12 rooms with a total of 14 beds and is headed by a senior specialist for palliative medicine. A sufficient number of single rooms are available. Relatives may have access to the patients at any time, rooming-in is offered. For psychological emergencies, there are psychologists, counsellors and hospice volunteers available. Palliative treatment and end-of-life support can be organised at patients’ homes through a specialised ambulatory palliative care programme (Spezialisierte ambulante Palliativversorgung, SAPV).

Additional Contact

Contact Person: Reg.-Dir. Ass. Jur. Marlis Flieser-Hartl

Additional website : http://www.lakumed.de/