Onkologisches Zentrum Ortenau

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Angela Nieder
Address Ortenau-Klinikum Lahr
Klostenstraße 19
Lahr, Baden-Wuerttemberg D-77933


Contact Tel: (+49) 0782 1930 -
Web www.ortenau-klinikum.de

Centre History

A regional network of in- and outpatient facilities specialising in interdisciplinary and holistic cancer therapy was founded in 1993, called “Onkologischer Schwerpunkt Ortenau”. Based on this the Cancer Center Ortenau was established in 2010 and is accredited by the German Cancer Society and the Baden-Württemberg Cancer Society. The Cancer Center Ortenau is based upon close cooperation between the Ortenau Clinic Offenburg-Gengenbach and the Ortenau Clinic Lahr-Ettenheim. On our palliative care wards in both locations we treat patients with advanced and incurable disease in need for intensive medical, nursing, social, psychological and spiritual care.

Department Profile

On our palliative care wards in both locations we treat patients with advanced and incurable disease in need for intensive medical, nursing, social, psychological, and spiritual care.
In Offenburg-Gengenbach the palliative care ward with 10 beds is a part of the haematology and oncology clinic. In Lahr-Ettenheim it is currently a part of the oncology ward. A separate palliative care ward with 8 beds is presently being built and is due to be opened in 2016.
There are multiprofessional teams available in addition to our palliative care doctors and nurses including oncologists, radio-oncologists, pain management specialists, psycho-oncologists, physiotherapists, pastoral care workers, nutritionists and creative therapists.
A team of so called “Brückenpflege” (bridging nurses), together with registered palliative care specialists make up the “Palliative Team Ortenau”, which connects the inpatient sector to the outpatients.

Areas of Specialisation

The certified oncological centres (breast cancer, colon cancer, gynaecological tumours, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer) ensure, as well as numerous specialised clinics, the treatment of cancer diseases (leukaemia, lymphoma, lungs, oesophagus, stomach, gall, skin, head/throat, larynx, etc.) in compliance with international standards.
Our palliative specialists are members of the weekly interdisciplinary tumour boards taking place in both locations where, taking into consideration all operative, radiation and medicinal therapy options available, the optimal course of treatment for each patient can be determined. . In our tumour boards all involved disciplines are present; surgery, (urologists, gynaecologists, ENT specialists, neurosurgeons) radiologists, internists (haematologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, palliative care specialists) and pathologists.

Palliative and Supportive Care


In accordance with the concept of the whole Ortenau Clinical Center our belief is in total commitment to the physical, emotional and social needs of our patients and their relatives.
The palliative care concept for both locations was developed by both the medical and nursing teams. Both facilities are connected through a psycho-oncology concept which was developed collectively. Regarding questions of spirituality, pastoral care workers serving christian and muslim denominations are available. In accordance with oncology and palliative patients’ wishes, relatives are involved from the beginning of treatment. During the dying phase the entire interdisciplinary team is on hand. Terminal care through palliative doctors and palliative nursing staff is carried out with empathy, competence and as intensively as necessary.