First European Advocacy in Action Forum during the ESMO 2010 Congress

ESMO and Vital Options International present the 1st European Patient Advocacy In Action® bringing together the influential leaders of the cancer advocacy community to address issues related to inequalities in cancer care.

The forum was co-hosted by the ESMO Cancer Patient Working Group and the producer, Vital Options International.

2010 European Advocacy in Action videos:

  1. International Perspectives on Patient Advocacy
  2. Internet and Cancer Information Exchange
  3. Regional Inequalities of Cancer Care
  4. Social Stigma of Cancer
  5. Clinical Trials and Research
  6. Working Together Across Continents

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Group Room interviews with Key Opinion Leaders during the ESMO 2010 Congress

Listen below to key opinion leaders put the ESMO 2010 Congress highlights into a patient perspective.



These videos are kindly provided by Vital Options International but do not necessarily represent official opinions by ESMO.

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Advocacy in Action® is a new Vital Options video production that supports and highlights the objectives of the cancer advocacy community and captures the influential voice of patient advocacy in the US and Europe.