Handbook of Cancer Treatments in Special Clinical Situations


Validity of accreditation: 2 years after date of accreditation by the ESMO E-learning and Continuing Medical Education Working Group

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1. Did reading the Handbook update knowledge on specific clinical situations such as cancer in pregnant women, HIV-positive patients, patients with comorbidities and organ insufficiencies, as well as those who present with other barriers to straightforward treatment decisions such as religious constraints or the inability to consent?

2. Did reading the Handbook help you find answers to the most common questions when challenged with treatment decisions in the above mentioned patient categories?

3. Did reading the Handbook help you understand the interactions of anticancer agents with therapies for concomitant diseases or medical conditions and apply adequately the principles of treatment adjustment?

4. Please, provide your overall rating for the quality of educational material offered in this Handbook.

5. How would you rate the interactivity level in this Handbook?

6. Was the information provided useful and relevant to your work and practice?

7. Do you feel that the information presented was well balanced and supported with adequate evidence?

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