ESMO Oncology Fellowship Programme: Making better professionals

For over 30 years ESMO has supported young oncologists through a range of fellowships that have provided valuable educational opportunities, shaped professional lives and enhanced careers.

The ESMO oncology fellowship programme provides young oncologists time dedicated to learn how to think scientifically and conduct research according to rigorous standards and incorporate the latest scientific practices into daily practice.

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The ESMO Oncology Fellowship Programme promotes:

  • Professional development
  • Research, education and the science of medical oncology
  • Networking of oncology institutes and oncology fellows
  • Importance of mentors to supervise and guide young oncologists

An ESMO Fellowship educates young oncologists in the field of clinical and laboratory research and is an investment in the future, which is likely to impact on the quality of cancer patient care for years to come.

The 2018 ESMO Research Fellowship Award winners were awarded during the ESMO Fellowships and Awards Session at the ESMO 2018 Congress in Munich, Germany.

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ESMO Fellowships Awards 2018