ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award

The prestigious ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2006 to recognise international research by individuals, teams and organisations that demonstrate commitment to clinical cancer research and/or education. It is awarded as a recognition for outstanding lifetime achievements in oncology.

2018 - Tony Mok, Hong Kong

The ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Tony Mok during the Opening Session of the ESMO 2018 Congress in Munich on Friday, 19 October 2018.  View the ESMO Lifetime Achievement lecture.

Mok, who is Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Endowed Professor and Chairman of the Department of Clinical Oncology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has focused all his research on biomarker and molecular targeted therapy in lung cancer. He was principal investigator of the first study confirming the application of precision medicine in advanced lung cancer and has led or co-led multiple international phase III studies that have defined current management of advanced lung cancer.

Mok’s work on precision medicine in lung cancer encompasses clinical research on oncogene driven lung cancer and immunotherapy. He has helped develop the clinical research infrastructure in China and Asia by cofounding the Lung Cancer Research Group, Chinese Thoracic Oncology Research Group, and Asia Thoracic Oncology Research Group. Mok is an ESMO Faculty Member in the Lung and Other Thoracic Tumours Faculty Group. He is Treasurer and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) and serves on the ASCO Board of Directors.


My gratefulness is beyond words. I am deeply indebted to all my local and global collaborators for their selfless support over the past two decades, and more so, to the ESMO leadership for their generous endorsement. This award is also acknowledging researchers in Asia and their significant contribution to personalised medicine.

Tony Mok, 2018 ESMO Lifetime Achievement Award winner

On behalf of the ESMO Fellowship and Award Committee, Evandro de Azambuja said: “Mok is a legend in medical oncology. He was the first one to really put in practice precision medicine in advanced lung cancer with the use of targeted agents. Much of his research has led to a change of treatment paradigm for our lung cancer patients and helped to define the current practice.”

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