Dirk Arnold

ESMO Board Member

Function ESMO Executive Board
Address Klinik für Tumorbiologie
Dept. Medical Oncology


Arnold Dirk

Dirk Arnold is Director of the Dept. Medical Oncology at Klinik für Tumorbiologie, Freiburg, Germany. Before taking this position, he was 2010 appointed as Director of the University Cancer Centre in Hamburg (UCCH) and held positions at the University Departments for Oncology and Haematology in Halle-Wittenberg and Berlin.

His major field of scientific interest are gastrointestinal cancers, and here specifically modern therapeutic approaches in biomarker-driven decision processes, and multimodal treatment strategies, also including other specialities. Here, he serves as chairman of Colorectal Cancer Study Group of the German AIO, a major collaborative group in clinical oncology. Within the AIO framework, he served as founding member of the Central Clinical Trials Office, underlining his expertise also in methodology of clinical research. Furthermore, his interest is the organisation of larger collaborative research structures and of integrated cancer centre networks. 

Prof. Arnold is also member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Task Force Member of the National Cancer Institute, as well as Board member of the EORTC GI study group.

Furthermore, he is board member of the German Society of Haematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO), and member of the German Cancer Society.

Within ESMO, since 2012 he is section editor for GI cancers in the Guidelines Committee and Associate Editor with .