ESMO 2020 Vision: the most farsighted view in oncology

The ESMO 2020 Vision identifies the main developments, challenges and opportunities which will shape oncology in the years ahead, as well as setting out the actions ESMO will take to meet them.  Compiled by the ESMO Executive Board, this important strategic document marks the steps of ESMO’s future direction.

The importance of bridging and integrating cancer research, diagnosis and treatment, along with the growing importance of specialised education to ensure oncologists are able to collaborate effectively with other specialists in a rapidly changing environment, requiring a more in-depth disease-specific knowledge, are two key strategic elements highlighted in the ESMO 2020 Vision document. The document also identifies the importance of developing a model of sustainable cancer care – both in terms of ensuring patients can access the best treatment and the need to focus on education and prevention programmes.

In essence, the ESMO 2020 Vision provides a roadmap for the way ahead. As well as explaining how the landscape along our journey is changing, it reiterates our destination – the ESMO Mission – and sets out the route we plan to take to get there.

Download the ESMO 2020 Vision brochure

Last update: October 2017