Jonathan Ledermann

Address UCL Cancer Institute at University College London

United Kingdom

Jonathan Ledermann

Jonathan Ledermann, BSc,MD, FRCP, trained in medical oncology and general internal medicine.  He was a Clinical Research Fellow at the Charing Cross Hospital, London and a visiting Fellow at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto and Ontario Cancer Institute.  
In 1990 he joined the Department of Oncology at University College London where he is Professor of medical oncology. He is a consultant in medical oncology at UCL Hospitals and he is also Director of the Cancer Research UK and UCL Cancer Trials Centre, one of the NCRI-accredited national cancer trials Centres in the UK.

His principal area of clinical practice and research is in gynaecological cancers. He is the lead medical oncologist for gynaecological cancers at the UCH Gynaecological Cancer Centre, the treatment centre for the North London Cancer Network. 
He is a member of the ESMO Faculty, and a member of Council for the IGCS (International Gynaecologic Cancer Society). He is chair of the NCRI Gynaecological Cancer Studies Group and a member of the Executive Committee of the Gynaecological Cancer Inter Group (GCIG), an international collaboration for gynaecological cancer trials.

Prof. Ledermann is on the editorial board of three journals and is a member of the NCI Gynaecological Cancer Steering Group. He is a member of the Expert Advisory Groups for Oncology at the MHRA (Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority) and the EMA (European Medicines Agency).
Prof. Ledermann has extensive experience in clinical trials in the UK and European continent, and in experimental therapeutics of ovarian cancer. He has lectured in many countries on his research and clinical experience.