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Date Title Topic
28 Oct 2013 European Medicines Agency Warning on Risk of Arterial Thrombosis with Ponatinib Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
24 Oct 2013 International Agency for Research on Cancer Releases the Latest Global Cancer Trends in Five Continents Cancer prevention
23 Oct 2013 Pancreatic Cancer Patient Survival Increased with Adding nab-Paclitaxel to Gemcitabine Gastrointestinal cancers
22 Oct 2013 Mutational Landscape Identified in 12 Major Cancer Types Translational research
21 Oct 2013 Spanish Researchers Sequence Non-infiltrating Bladder Cancer Exome Genitourinary cancers - Translational research
17 Oct 2013 Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients With Node-Positive Breast Cancer Breast cancer
16 Oct 2013 Hitting Angiogenesis in Gastric Cancer Gastrointestinal cancers - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
14 Oct 2013 Adjuvant Chemotherapy with Gemcitabine for Resected Pancreatic Cancer Gastrointestinal cancers
01 Oct 2013 ESMO Press Release: More Research Urged to Compare and Validate Genomic Tests in Oncology - ESMO Press Commentary Personalised medicine
01 Oct 2013 ECC 2013 Press Release: Variations in Death Rates after Surgery for Oesophageal and Gastric Cancers Prompt European Initiative to Improve Patient Outcomes Gastrointestinal cancers
30 Sep 2013 ECC 2013 Press Release: Biological Therapy with Cediranib Improves Survival in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Gynaecologic malignancies - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
30 Sep 2013 ECC 2013 Press Release: New Research shows how Aspirin may act on Blood Platelets to Improve Survival in Colon Cancer Patients Cancer prevention - Gastrointestinal cancers
30 Sep 2013 ESMO Press Release: Only One in Five Female Oncologists Have a Leadership Position Bioethics, legal and economic issues
30 Sep 2013 ECC 2013 Press Release: First Estimate of Amount of Radiotherapy Dose Wasted in Compensating for Tumour Growth between Treatments Breast cancer
30 Sep 2013 ECC 2013 Press Release: Organised Screening for Prostate Cancer using the Prostate-Specific Antigen Test, Does more Harm than Good Cancer prevention - Genitourinary cancers