As part of the continuous effort to improve our customer/membership service, our exclusive membership benefit, OncologyPRO, has been given a fresh, new look...

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New OncologyPRO

OncologyPRO is our scientific information and education portal designed to help you keep up to date with the latest research and clinical information in oncology. By providing one single access to multiple resources, OncologyPRO will not only save you time but will also enable you to stay updated on the latest global trends and discoveries in oncology and further expand your clinical expertise.

  • New design and navigation: modern and fresh with a simplified content organisation, in line with the new ESMO family of websites, all the while preserving a distinctive look and feel
  • OncologyPRO goes mobile! You can now view your favourite website on ALL your devices, even your smartphone. And this includes webcasts too!
  • Centralised meeting resources: using OncologyPRO as a reference is now easier than ever. From a single page you can access abstracts, webcasts and slides (where these have been made available) and view these resources by topic or by meeting
  • New content: there is lot of new content on OncologyPRO, including news articles from Springer Healthcare's medwireNews written for you, the ESMO handbooks and the Essentials Series as separate website sections, the Glossary on Molecular Biology, new expanded useful links sections (selected by us for you), and much more…
  • New search engine: refine results by topic and by date, or use our section searches to search slides or all meeting resources in a specific section. Coming soon… search directly on Annals of Oncology!

What else has changed?

A website redesign is the ideal opportunity to refresh content. Some of the content on the old website will be replaced with the following:

  • World Literature Service: has been replaced with useful links to Journals, direct links to Annals of Oncology, new optimised search and section searches
  • Drugs and Biologics: has been replaced by the Factsheets of anti-cancer agents
  • Targetscapes: has been replaced event resources from Signalling Pathways, the Tumour Portal on "personalised medicine" and new E/V-learning modules on Pathways
  • Biomarkers: clinically validated biomarkers, coming 2014, plus links to biomarker journals
  • Clinical trials: a new clinical trials database based on clinicaltrial.gov in 2014

The new website was launched 10 December 2013. Please let us know should you come across any small issues – we appreciate your feedback!

How to access OncologyPRO?

You will always find direct access to OncologyPRO on the top bar menu on our web site or at oncologypro.esmo.org

  • To view the member-only content, you need to login with your username and password
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it here
  • You can also contact us should you need assistance