Anna Berghoff

Young Oncologists Committee member

Address Medical University of Vienna
Internal Medicine/Oncology Department



Anna Sophie Berghoff is a fellow of Internal Medicine/Oncology at the Medical University of Vienna.  She has completed her PhD studies in “Clinical Neuroscience” at the Medical University of Vienna with a special focus on clinical and pathological prognostic factors in brain metastases. To deepen the research in brain metastasis development, she is currently completing a PostDoc visit at the German Cancer Research center.

Anna Berghoff is a newly member of the ESMO Young Oncologist Committee and strives to built up opportunities and networks for young oncology scientist within the ESMO. 

What is your main area of interest?

I have special interest in the (brain) metastatic cascade as brain metastases are an increasing clinical challenge in modern oncology. I hope that the basic research projects I am currently working on might reveal new insights in the brain metastatic cascade and eventually help to formulate new treatment strategies.

How so you spend your time?

Currently I paused my clinical training to complete a full time PostDoc project at the German Cancer Research Center. However, I certainly aim to complete my clinical training after this time of full time research.

Could you tell us why you chose to become a medical oncologist?

In my view oncology is the best and most interesting specialty in medicine ;-) Certainly no other speciality unites science and clinic on a such a day to day basis. I am fascinated by the biology of cancer cells and the resulting therapeutic options and by understanding these processes. Furthermore, I enjoy the very close doctor-patient relationship that you have in oncology as the path you go with you patient is very challenging 

What does your involvement with ESMO and the Young Oncologists Committee (YOC) mean to you?

ESMO and YOC give me the opportunity to network with other international oncologists at this very early level of my career. I believe that interaction and exchange with specialists and scientists are some of the landmarks in oncology and ESMO is a unique platform to experience this.

Do you have some good advice you would like to share with your international colleagues?

Together we can achieve more in the fight against cancer, so let us buddle powers and try to build up networks, clinical trails and scientific cooperation to conquer cancer.