Tania Fleitas Kanonnikoff

Address Medical Oncology Dept.
University Hospital in Valencia


Tania Fleitas

Tania Fleitas Kanonnikoff is a Medical Oncologist working at the Medical Oncology Dept. in the University Hospital in Valencia, Spain. She is a post-doctoral emergent researcher from INCLIVA. Her research is focused on the identification of gastric cancer biomarkers useful for the clinic, as well as the understanding of the tumour immune microenvironment related to gastric cancer and response and resistance to treatment. She completed a year with a post-doctoral fellowship at DFCI, Boston Massachusetts, USA, with the group of Adam Bass. She is leading as scientific coordinator with Prof Cervantes an H2020 European Project focused on a multiomic approach to improve gastric cancer outcomes in Europe and Latin-America: The LEGACy project. She is the principal investigator of a national founded project on the immune tumour microenvironment of diffuse gastric cancer.