Ivan Bièche

Address Genetics Department Unit
Institut Curie




Ivan Bièche has a recognised expertise in cancer and in particular in breast cancer. Over the years, he has developed an invaluable system to analyze clinical biomarkers. This molecular platform allowed him to provide clear answers as to which deregulations of genes are associated with poor prognosis, and adequate new target therapies. He is also expert biologist in treatment algorithms based on tumour molecular profiling in various precision medicine trials (SHIVA, SAFIR, NeoPAL, …).
Following studies of pharmacy and biologist residency in Paris hospitals, he has obtained a PhD in molecular oncology from the University of Paris V. In 1990, he joined Institut Curie as a biologist. Since 2008, he is a coordinator of the platform of molecular genetics of cancers in the Institut Curie, labelled by French National Cancer Institute (INCa). Since 1996, he is also Assistant Professor of Genetics in Paris Descartes University, Paris.
Ivan Bièche has published over 350 peer-reviewed papers in international journals.