Andrea Garolla

Address Unit of Human Reproductive Pathology - Department of Medicine
University of Padua



Andrea Garolla gained his Degree in Medicine in 1994 at the University of Padua, Italy.

He achieved the Specialisation in Clinical Pharmacology in 1999 and did his PhD in Endocrinology and Haematological Sciences in 2004.

Andrea Garolla has been Assistant at the Unit of Human Reproductive Pathology - Department of Medicine, Hospital-University of Padua, since 2001 and Consultant at the Reproductive Unit of Brunico - Alto Adige (Bozen, Italy) since 2003.

Along with his medical/research activity he has held several teaching positions at the University of Padua. Since 2003 he has been teaching at the Master of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology and since 2010 he has been teaching Clinical Pathology within the Medicine Course.

Andrea Garolla’s principal research and clinical activity are Andrology, Endocrinology, Reproductive Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology.

His principal fields of interest and professional competences are: physiopathology of gonadal function, neuroregulation of hypothalamus-pituitary axis, sperm physiopathology, biochemical aspects of spermatogenesis; effects of gonadotropin administration on spermatogenesis, role of androgens in bone metabolism, genetic alterations in hypogonadism, sperm cryopreservation, cancer of male reproductive tract, sexual transmittable diseases.

Andrea Garolla has been member of the Scientific board of 26 National Congresses and member of the Organising board of 18 National Congresses in the field of human reproduction. He is member of the Directive Board of the Italian Society of Reproductive Physiopathology (SIFR), of the Directive Board of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (SIAMS).

Andrea Garolla is referee of several Scientific Journals, among which: American Journal of Andrology, Asian Journal of Andrology, Fertility and Sterility, Frontiers in Cancer Endocrinology, Human Reproduction, International Journal of Andrology, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Journal of Urology.

He is author of more than 250 publications and has been Invited speaker at many National and International Congresses of Andrology and Reproduction.