ESMO Consensus Conference Guidelines on testicular germ cell cancer: diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

Published in 2018 – Ann Oncol (2018); 29: 1658–1686

Authors: F. Honecker, J. Aparicio, D. Berney, J. Beyer, C. Bokemeyer, R. Cathomas, N. Clarke, G. Cohn-Cedermark, G. Daugaard, K.-P. Dieckmann, K. Fizazi, S. Fossa, J.R. Germa-Lluch, P. Giannatempo, J. A. Gietema, S. Gillessen, H. S. Haugnes, A. Heidenreich, K. Hemminki, R. Huddart, M.A.S. Jewett, F. Joly, J. Lauritsen, A. Lorch, A. Necchi, N. Nicolai, C. Oing, J. Oldenburg, D. Ondrus, A. Papachristofilou, T. Powles, A. Sohaib, O. Staahl, T. Tandstad, G. Toner & A. Horwich 

The ESMO consensus conference manuscript on testicular germ cell cancer was compiled by a multidisciplinary panel of experts and provides guidance on controversial issues surrounding the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of early- and late-stage testicular cancer, and for rare clinical problems and survivorship issues. The recommendations are accompanied by relevant/available supporting evidence.

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