University Hospitals Leuven

ESMO Fellowship Host Institute

Contact person Dr. Oliver Bechter, MD
Address Department of General Medical Oncology
Leuven Cancer Institute
KU Leuven


Contact Tel: +32 16 34 2861 -

Fellowship Opportunities

Translational Research Fellowship

Training Experience Required

  • be in training for medical oncology (+/- haematology) or board certified for medical oncology (+/- haematology)
  • can be in any stage of their individual training
  • should be interested in gaining a deeper insight in evidence-based diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and palliative care of solid tumours (+/- lymphoma)
  • should be curious about the basic and translational science behind the pathogenesis and evolution of cancer
  • should speak English and/or Dutch and/or German and/or French
  • could envision working on an individual research project during their stay or on a PhD thesis on a longer term