Global Opioid Policy Initiative

The ESMO-led Global Opioid Policy Initiative (GOPI) project results: Availability & accessibility - policy reform is necessary worldwide to improve severe cancer pain management & unnecessary suffering


'To address the problem of over-regulation we needed to identify what the problems were and where they exist. Through an incredible effort of international collaboration the GOPI has provided that essential data. The next step is for international and local organisations to work along side with governments and regulators, and to thoughtfully address the problems that GOPI has identified'. Prof. Nathan Cherny, Study co-author

Latest news: 27 Mar 2014 - Nathan Cherny OUP Blog post: Global Opioid Access: WHO accelerates the pace, but we still need to do more 

23 Jan 2014 The WHO Executive Board adopts a stand-alone resolution on palliative care which will be referred to the World Health Assembly in May 2014 (pdf)

Results from the ESMO-led GOPI were published in Annals of Oncology in December 2013.