Burnout in Young Oncologists

A pan-European survey on the work conditions of Young Oncologists



Throughout 2013, the ESMO Young Oncologists Committee (YOC) conducted a survey with the objective of understanding the background causes and level of burnout among young oncologists.

We would like to thank all participants for the valuable input and participation. More than 700 replies were received.

We collected information – anonymously - primarily in Europe, on how young oncologists perceive their job situation early in their career, and how it affects both their professional and private life.

The Young Oncologists Committee feels this is an incredibly important topic which is often ignored. Surveys have been conducted in individual countries previously but this is the first study that addresses medical burnout in oncologists across Europe.

This project is coordinated by Young Oncologists Committee member Susana Banerjee (United Kingdom) and former YOC member, David Olmos (Spain), and we have collaborated with national young oncologists groups in order to help highlight this Europe-wide survey.

Thank you for you assistance in making this data collection possible!