Recertification & Continuing Medical Education

ESMO offers a wide range of CME opportunities (ESMO-MORA Category 1 points) to enable those who have already taken the ESMO exam to continue their medical education and ensure their certification is always valid.

E and V Learning activities

New E and V Learning modules, accessed via our online educational portal: OncologyPRO, are released throughout the year and enable you to participate in our educational activities at a time and place that is convenient for you. CME Points: 1 per successful completion of each module test

ESMO Handbooks

ESMO handbooks are release annually. Hard copies are distributed to ESMO members at ESMO events or can be downloaded from this website. Each handbook CME test is available for two years after the handbook’s release. CME points: 5 per successful completion of each handbook test

ESMO Congress and ESMO events

Continue your medical education by attending the ESMO congress and other ESMO meetings. The programme of each event is evaluated by the ESMO Continuing Medical Education WG (CME WG). CME points: subject to programme/hours

ESMO Labelled and Supported meetings

The ESMO Continuing Medical Education WG (CME WG) also evaluates ESMO labelled and supported meetings, enabling you to collect points while attending local events in your home country. CME points: subject to programme/hours

Find out how your event can become an ESMO Labelled or Supported meeting

ESMO examination

For first-time certification or re-certification take the ESMO examination. CME points: (2013 examination) 50 points towards your next recertification