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ESMO Advanced Courses: Testimonials

Are you thinking of applying to take part in an ESMO Advanced Course? Previous participants share their thoughts and experiences...


“This course was exceptional, both in terms of programme and presentations. The main topic was state-of-the-art knowledge on applications of nuclear medicine in oncology and the rationale for theranostics, based on the use of one radioactive drug to diagnose the tumour and a second one for the treatment. I appreciated the high quality of all lectures, illustrated by examples of existing applications of nuclear medicine as well as the vision of future changes, which in the field of oncology usually come very soon. I definitely recommend this course to all medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists and surgeons who treat these pathologies. It is a unique opportunity to learn about this very specific topic.”

Katarzyna Holub, Spain 
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Nuclear Medicine in Oncology, July 2021


“This Advanced Course has been a very enriching experience since the lectures were comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and well targeted to the audience. I have greatly expanded my knowledge regarding the many different technologies used in liquid biopsy beyond CTCs and ctDNA. I will now have a better understanding of the pros and cons of using liquid biopsies in my daily practice, namely for the detection of oncogenic drivers among patients with lung cancer (my main field of work). Additionally, the acquired knowledge is helping me to develop a trial to assess the clinical utility of performing extended NGS in ctDNA from patients with advanced NSCLC. Finally, I appreciated the interaction between the Faculty and the participants; although it was a virtual meeting, everybody was very eager to interact and to discuss questions and ideas.”

Mariana Brandão, Belgium
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Management, June 2021


“I have learned a lot from this meeting. Firstly about the current applications of CAR-T in solid tumors, secondly about drugs and targets in general and thirdly and most important, how to wisely choose and plan the treatment, considering the cost and effort behind each drug. Thanks to this meeting, I will look more closely at patients with lymphoma aiming at identifying the eligible ones for CAR-T, suggesting it when needed. The thing I appreciated most was the opportunity to extend my daily learning opportunities. I want to express my gratitude to the organizers and speakers, since everything went smoothly on the virtual platform and the speakers did their best to address such a complex topic leaving enough time for discussion. I look forward to participating in more courses like this!”

Aleksei Koviazin, Russian Federation
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on CAR-T and Next Generation Cell Therapies in Haematology and Solid Tumours, June 2021


“The overall approach and the proper management of the subset of patients with EGFR mutated NSCLC was one of the most important things I learnt by attending this meeting. The outstanding speakers covered all the aspects: from structure of EGFR to mechanisms of resistance and new drugs in the development of resistance. I feel more confident in managing uncommon EGFR mutations after listening to the experts and this will benefit my patients. I am sure that the clarity on the nuances of EGFR mutated NSCLC, which I got after participating to this event, will improve the overall management of my patients. I was able to clear all my doubts and queries with the Faculty. It was an excellent and unique learning experience for me. This event, although virtual, was thoroughly enjoyable. Having the opportunity to attend this virtual advanced course on EGFR- mutated NSCLC has opened for me additional areas of interest in this field. It was very well organized and all the sessions were very interactive. The event not only was high in its educational content and organizational aspects, but also gave me enough space and time to interact with many excellent speakers. I am grateful to ESMO for giving me the opportunity to attend this course which was one of the most comprehensive and finest virtual meetings.”

Divya Khosla, India
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on EGFR-Mutated NSCLC, June 2021


“This high-quality virtual meeting provided me with an excellent update about the state-of-the-art within diagnostics, therapeutical modalities, and treatment strategies in GEP neuroendocrine neoplasms. The virtual format worked excellently and fitted the purpose of the course. I particularly liked the interactive sessions and the case discussions. Being able to give a feedback and ask questions during the event via chat is great. I have attended various educational meetings, and this was by far the best. I have really appreciated the live interaction and discussions via chat. It worked perfectly.”

Gabor Liposits, Denmark
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Individualising the Therapeutic Approach in Patients with GEP NENs, May 2021


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it. It was great to observe the tremendous progress in prostate cancer management. The course brought together experts from various backgrounds who covered all aspects of prostate cancer very comprehensively including updates on the current evidence and standard of care, emerging treatment and what is on the horizon including how we apply the evidence into clinical practice. I learnt most from the discussion on real-life cases, their management options and pros and cons. It highlighted the challenges clinicians face on daily basis, that require not only knowledge on the available evidence but also the art of applying the data from clinical studies into individual patients, especially in situations where there is lack of clear evidence. It was very reassuring to observe that we do share many similarities in terms of challenges and decision-making which enhanced my confidence with my own practice and thought process. The virtual meeting had many advantages. It brought together individuals from various parts of the world onto the same platform more efficiently. No extra time needed for travels & logistics, which was very convenient for busy clinicians and academicians. Thanks so much.”

Marniza Saad, Malaysia
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Clinical Questions in Prostate Cancer, March 2021


“This virtual meeting was as well organized as the “real” ones. We were offered new comprehensive knowledge from the best experts. In many aspects, this course has a significant impact on our daily practice: we can implement new instructions and new guidelines into our workflow to improve patients’ treatment. I really enjoyed the discussion part which allowed us to analyze the latest data from studies and how they can influence our treatment protocols. This preceptorship also helped a lot to understand how to detect and choose druggable targets and accompanying medications to reach the most reasonable future perspectives for our patients.”

Andrea Furka, Hungary
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Innovation and Emerging Knowledge in Colorectal Cancer, December 2020


“As a clinical pathologist, the course was extremely informative and helpful to me. I was able to get comprehensive pathological and oncological perspectives of the NTRK gene fusion from experts. I felt there was a knowledge gap about this specific topic that was completely filled and sealed! As a result of my participation, I am more aware of diagnostic approaches of the NTRK gene fusion as well as treatment options. This course has helped me improve my diagnostic skills and provide better consultations. I like how ESMO has nicely switched to the virtual mode of delivering conferences and advanced courses. Virtual meetings have worked nicely with my work schedule. In this particular course, I was able to ask question and make comments in a very convenient way. Everything was nicely organized and well put together. One thing that I really appreciated was the level and diversity of speakers on this course. Such knowledgeable experts were able to nicely and smoothly address all aspect of NTRK gene fusion. I like how the session started from basics and moved to epidemiological overview then evolved to pathological diagnosis to conclude with treatment and clinical trails.”

Mohanad Nada, Iraq
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on NTRK Gene Fusion: A New Target in Precision Treatment of Cancer, November 2020


“This course has been extremely useful! I gained more knowledge on the different methods and their strengths and limitations. In addition, it provided me with a more systematic and structured way of thinking and evaluating the results of the different methods. I really enjoyed the speaker's presentations and the workshops discussions of the clinical cases which really helped me assimilate acquired knowledge during the course and put that in a clinical and research context. The faculty was truly dedicated to explaining and discussing all the different aspects that influence my approach to what investigations consider sound biomarker studies.”

Andri Papakonstantinou, Sweden
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Biomarkers for Precision Medicine, November 2020


“With the exponential increase in the number of biomarkers and associated druggable targets, it is sometimes difficult to keep up to date with the latest developments. This was a timely, well-designed, structured course organized by ESMO and taught by expert Faculty members covering many aspects of this evolving field which included the basics, in depth discussions and interpretative challenges, which also allowed me to gain a more thorough understanding of the current limitations, pitfalls, and future directions. The course has given me confidence in interpreting commonly encountered biomarkers and their clinical relevance, and I personally believe that it is a prerequisite for anyone who is interested in applying the principles of precision medicine in daily clinical practice. Despite being a virtual meeting there was a lot of discussion and interaction with the expert panel. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to participate again, and hopefully attend in person when the COVID-19 pandemic settles!”

Rashid Lui, Hong Kong
ESMO Virtual Advanced Course on Biomarkers for Precision Medicine, September 2020


"This advanced course will influence my daily practice as it has improved the skills I need to be part of the MTBs meetings in my home institute. A personalised medicine approach will become more used in the near future and oncologists should be properly trained to deal with NGS testing. The experts’ panel was well prepared to deliver a comprehensive education about a very theoretical field. I really appreciated their willingness to discuss difficult topics and the open atmosphere created."

Gabriel Funingana, United Kingdom
ESMO Advanced Course on Biomarkers for Precision Medicine, Zürich, November 2019


"I really appreciated the quality of organisation, programme and competence of the speakers throughout the course. The course provided a complete and effective overview of the NTRK testing and treatments. It was a great experience and I hope to be able to have the opportunity to participate in other courses."

Giovanna De Maglio, Italy
ESMO Advanced Course on NTRK Gene Fusion, Barcelona, October 2019


"The course provided the opportunity to listen to comprehensive lectures and actively participate in group discussions with colleagues from other countries. I have learnt about a brand-new field in precise oncology – the NTRK gene fusion and TRK inhibitors as well as new drugs under development. Thank you ESMO for a perfectly organised course!"

Bohdan Bidovanets, Ukraine
ESMO Advanced Course on NTRK Gene Fusion, Lyon, September 2019


"The meeting was awesome in all aspects: scientific content, faculty, venue and organization. By participating I learnt about the management of advanced prostate cancer with a comprehensive approach. It also gave the immense opportunity to interact with an international faculty. I will now be able to offer state-of-the-art treatments to my patients and stop using bone modifying agent in castration-naive metastatic disease due to absence of supporting data. Thank you ESMO!"

Amol Nandkumar Patel, India
ESMO Advanced Course on Clinical Questions in Prostate Cancer, Singapore, September 2019


"Great experience, learning from top professors and sharing knowledge, doubts and personal experience with oncologists from other countries.I really appreciated the debate pro and contra about first-line treatment with IO in lung cancer and had the opportunity of directly ask and discuss clinical cases with top oncologists at the workshop sessions.This meeting will impact directly my daily practice as I treat every day lung cancer patients with IO."​

Miguel Garcia, Spain
ESMO Advanced Course on Lung Cancer in Immunotherapy, Zürich, July 2019​

Petra Vuković

"I believe ESMO could not have a better concept for education than Advanced Courses. I'm amazed by this course, the interactivity there and everything I have learned. This course highlighted the importance of individualizing MDT approach taking into consideration all the specificity of neuroendocrine tumour biology and reflecting on both diagnostic and treatment options, treatment complications and patient's wishes. It provided evidence-based background, pointing specificities regarding NENs studies and their clinical implications, and reflected on current unmet needs in this field which are going to be a subject of future research."​

Petra Vuković , Croatia
ESMO Advanced Course on Individualising the therapeutic approach in patients with NENs, Barcelona, June 2019

Lilit Harutyunyan

"Neuroendocrine tumours are rare malignancies and there is a lack of experience and literature, therefore this course was really helpful as it gave us a lot of useful information in a very interactive atmosphere. I found the workshop part particularly effective as it helped us to improve our clinical way of thinking and to consider the importance of a multidisciplinary team."

Lilit Harutyunyan, Armenia
ESMO Advanced Course on Individualising the therapeutic approach in patients with NENs, Barcelona, June 2019


"This advanced course was a great opportunity to keep up with the complex and fast changing world of oncology and to learn how a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to manage patients. The knowledge gained during this course allowed me to learn, unlearn and re-learn data regarding prostate cancer management and will help me to choose the best clinical approach tailored to each single patient. The workshops were one of the highlights of this course: they allowed us to interact actively and challenged us to apply what we already knew and what we have learnt during the course to real clinical case scenarios."

Maria Diana Aileen Chua Bautista, Philippines
ESMO Advanced Course on Clinical Questions in Prostate Cancer, Singapore, September 2018


"The meeting was excellent. The interactive approach was very innovative and useful. The Faculty was outstanding and composed of high level experts in every field of immuno-oncology, including some of the rising stars of the European medical oncology field. I have learnt how to manage and recognize immune-related adverse events of special interest, especially in unusual organs, and how to better interpret responses to immuno-oncology."

Alessandro Russo, Italy
ESMO Advanced Course on Unsolved Questions in Immuno-Oncology, Amsterdam, February 2018 

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