ESMO Asia 2016: Women for Oncology Session

Join us for the ESMO Women for Oncology session at ESMO Asia 2016, where the results of our latest survey will be presented

Women for Oncology Session
Friday, 16 December 2016
16:30 – 18:00, hall 325
Chairs: Sumitra Thongprasert,TH; Solange Peters, CH

Results of the 2016 ESMO W4O survey, Asian close-up

Speaker: S. Peters, Lausanne, CH

The role of mentors and sponsorship in women’s careers

Speaker: C. Zielinski , Vienna, AT

How mentors and sponsors can help you develop your career in oncology. A perspective from Indonesia

Speaker: C. Suharti, ID

Challenges and opportunities to develop a successful career in oncology. A Thailand perspective

Speaker: S. Thongprasert, Chiang Mai, TH

Questions & answers and closing remarks

Speakera: S. Peters, Lausanne, CH; S. Thongprasert, Chiang Mai, TH