ESMO Asia 2015: Preparatory Information for Industry

To get up to speed with your preparation for ESMO Asia 2015, please download our Industry Guidelines below.

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Third-party media activities

Media activities initiated by third parties during or in connection with ESMO Asia 2015, including, but not limited to:

  • Meetings such as press conferences, media briefings, educational sessions for media representatives, as well as
  • PR activities, such as press releases, news, articles, interviews, etc.

are subject to the ESMO Asia 2015 Policy on Third-Party Media Activities. This policy aims to guarantee proper and correct distribution of oncology and cancer-related information to media representatives in connection with the ESMO Asia Congress.

Press events in or outside the congress centre but concomitant with/or during breaks of the scientific programme of the ESMO Asia Congress are subject to ESMO Press Office approval. Please contact for media activities.