ESMO 2014: Information for Media Representatives

ESMO 2014: Precision Medicine in Cancer Care

“Providing optimal treatment for patients according to individual circumstances and the molecular characteristics of their disease is a key theme of ESMO14. For a long time, the individual molecular makeup of each disease sub-type seemed an insurmountable challenge to optimal cancer care. As we gain greater insights into carcinogenesis, we are at the point where genuinely targeted therapy is now possible for an increasing number of cancers. We are also rapidly moving from a ‘site of origin’ based disease classification to a genomics-based taxonomy of these complex and diverse diseases, with revolutionary implications for clinical practice and for research.

ESMO is at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape, and this is why one cannot afford to miss the ESMO14 Madrid Congress. This is a remarkable time for cancer care – a time when we can all make a difference."

Johann de Bono, UK, ESMO14 Scientific Chair

Media registration

ESMO welcomes media interested in obtaining information and reporting on cancer issues. Registration is free to bona fide journalists on presentation of a letter of assignment and a valid press card. Media representatives are required to observe and abide by the ESMO Media Policy.

Complete the Media Registration Form for ESMO 2014

To register for the event, please complete the Media Registration Form. Media registration in advance is strongly recommended although on-site registration will still be possible. Further information for press representatives will be made available over the coming months. Please contact the ESMO Press Office for any additional question.

Third-party media activities

Media activities initiated by third parties during or in connection with the ESMO Congress, including, but not limited to:

  • Meetings such as press conferences, media briefings, educational sessions for media representatives, as well as
  • PR activities, such as press releases, news, articles, interviews, etc.

are subject to the ESMO Policy on Third-Party Media Activities. This policy aims to guarantee proper and correct distribution of oncology and cancer-related information to media representatives in connection with the ESMO Congress.

Press events in or outside the congress centre but concomitant with/or during breaks of the scientific programme of the ESMO Congress are subject to ESMO Press Office approval. Please use the online form to submit the first request for media activities.

ESMO Press Office



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