Ospedale San Giovanni Calibita Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Domenico Cristiano Corsi MD, PhD, Chief of the Oncology Unit
Address Piazza Ponte dei Quattro Capi 39
00186 Roma


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Around the year one thousand the temple built on the Tiber Island in honor of the god Asclepius was replaced by a shrine-shelter for the sick dedicated to the Apostle Saint Bartholomew. In the sixteen century two members of the newly formed Congregation of the Brothers Hospitallers settled on the Tiber Island beginning to apply the principles of humanization and hospitality that would later be, forever, a constant feature of the Order. At the time the building was a monastery with the Church attached dating back to the tenth century and dedicated to St. John Calibita.

Some years later fifteen monks settled on the island and introduced healthcare innovations revolutionary for that time, how to reserve a bed in one patient.
Since January 2000, the hospital opened the Oncology unit to respond more fully to the many needs of cancer patients.


Our Hospital is located on Tiber Island in the centre of Rome. There are a Surgery department with 7 surgical wards (one general and six electives), Internal Medicine Department, Gynaecology Department, Neurological Department, Emergency Department 24hours/24 open (with Resuscitation Unit and Intensive Unit Care), and all Services (clinical and microbiology Laboratories, Pathologist, Radiology). The hospital can provide most of the diagnostic and therapeutic required by the cancer patient.

The hospital has 300 beds; the oncology ward is composed by 13 beds for in-patients recovery, two of which are single and 11 shared; two beds are reserved for palliative care. There are also 16 beds for the out-patient treatments.

Eight doctors, 20 nurses, a psychologist, a social worker and a physiotherapist are employed.

The Oncology Unit works jointly with the service of Radiotherapy and the Surgery Units for planning the optimal treatment for the cancer patients, operates according to national and international accredited guidelines, takes care of the patient ensuring the continuity of care by agreements with the departments providing assistance in the territory.


Gastrointestinal, Breast, Gynecological, Head and Neck, Urological and Lung Cancers

Palliative and Supportive Care

The "mission" of our Hospital for cancer patients is the sharing of an integrated clinical-therapeutic pathway amongst different specialists to provide solutions to all needs of the patients; to guarantee the continuity in care and treatment during all history of disease and to support relatives and family during the disease and on bereavement. This program has been realised through a close integration among different health and social professional figures involved in the treatment and assistance of cancer patients with the aim to prevent the needs of patients and their families.

A Simultaneous Care Model with the integration of supportive and palliative care throughout the course of illness until death is also provided. We are not at the moment able to assist personally our patients at home, so we have organised an "handing over phase” that takes the form of a sharing of the assistance project with those structures in the local area that are entrusted with assistance at home during the chemotherapy and the advanced stage of illness. A joint assessment carried out by the hospital team and the home or hospice assistance team takes usually place ensuring continuity in assistance and therapy project for every patient with advanced cancer.