Groupe Hospitalier Le Raincy – Montfermeil, Service d'Onco-hématologie

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Ida Pavese
Address 10, rue du General Leclerc
93370 Ile de France



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In Montfermeil GHI work 321 medical doctors, 60 university interns and 1650 non-medical staff. The hospital has 655 in-patient beds and an out-patient department with 20 beds.

The centre has an oncology ward with 18 beds (5 palliative care) and a day hospital with 17 places. The oncology team comprises: 3 oncologists: 1 Head of Oncology Centre, 1 oncologist PH director of the day hospital, 1 oncologist director of the ward, 2 onco-hematologists, 1 specialist in thoracic cancer, 1 specialist in GI cancer, 3 general medical doctors, 1 psycho-oncologist, 1 social worker, 1 nutritionist, 1 sophrologist, 1 nurse dedicated to the post-hospitalisation, 1 art-therapist ,1 socio-esthetician, 1 psychomotrician, 1 Head of Nursing and 16 nurses.


The oncology centre is accreditated for university formation (DES et CDES). The hospital has regional authorisation for cancer surgery activity in GI surgery, head & neck surgery, gynecologic surgery and breast surgery. There is a radiotherapy centre with a technical platform with 1 scanner and 2 LA, an anatomo-cytopathology centre, a home care centre, a centre of oncogeriatric coordination, a unit of centralised chemotherapy preparation (UPC) and a hospice.


The main cancers that are treated are: thoracic, head & neck, GI, breast, gynaecologic, urologic and haematologic cancers. The hospital follows the urology federation 93 that combines all urology hospital activities of the Seine Saint Denis department. An agreement was reached between the Soins de Suite et de Réadaptation group (SSR) and the palliative care of the establishment of Sainte Marie in Villepinte. There is also an agreement in place with the thoracic surgery team of the University Hospital of Bobigny (Avicenne Hospital).

Supportive and Palliative Medicine


With its mobile palliative care unit, hospice (14 beds), 5 specific beds in the oncology ward and a home care service, the oncology department offers a complete palliative and suppportive care service. Multidisciplinary meetings are held twice weekly in palliative care as well as supportive care to discuss personalised care projects for each patient.