Fabrice André on Why You Should Attend the Course

We talked to Fabrice André one of the founders of the Pre-IMPAKT 2017 Training Course about the benefits of attending

Fabrice André

Fabrice André

What is the objective of the pre-IMPAKT Training Course and who is the target audience?

The objective of the Pre-IMPAKT Training Course is to provide the basics of translational research for professionals involved in breast cancer research.

Science and technology are moving very fast, so the basics we all received during our training are most likely out of date. Therefore, the goal of this course is to update attendees on these basics.
Why is the Training Course such an important initiative?

Today, clinical scientists must have basic knowledge in the field of translational science and statistics if they want to design significant trials. Indeed, most of the trials now include genomics, proteomics and translational research components.

What motivated you to be part of the Training Course Task Force?

By being part of this task force I will ensure to have my seat reserved to attend this very popular course; attendance is limited to 100 seats!
How do you see breast cancer research evolving in the next decade; and how can young oncologists keep up to date?

Breast cancer research will continue to evolve by integrating different fields, including molecular markers, pharmacology, survivorship, and complex statistics. This is why there is a need for young oncologists to be polyvalent and be updated in these different fields. The Pre-IMPAKT Training Course can offer them an update in translational research.