Terms and Conditions

This section contains information that applies to your use of the websites (collectively referred to as the “Website”), operated by The European Society for Medical Oncology, a Swiss- based not-for-profit Society, and referred to interchangeably hereafter as “ESMO”.

The “Website” includes, without limitation, the ESMO website (www.esmo.org) and any specific versions (e.g. oncologypro.esmo.org (http://oncologypro.esm o.org/)) or filters thereof, the Rare Cancers Europe website  ( www.rarecancerseurope.org   (http://www.rarecancerseurope.org/)), and any other online platforms used by ESMO which could require your personal data.

The site www.esmo.org is intended for health professional in the domain of oncology.

List of ESMO Terms & Conditions and policies


Last update: 19 April 2019