Niina Bisheva

Address North Estonia Medical Centre


 Niina Bisheva

Niina Bisheva, MD, is currently Resident of Clinical Oncology (4th year) at the Department of Chemotherapy, North Estonia Medical Centre, Tallinn, Estonia.

Dr Bisheva graduated in Medicine at Tartu University in 2008 and, since 2008, she has undertaken the graduate specialisation in Clinical Oncology at Tartu University, Estonia.

Dr Bisheva worked as an Emergency Department doctor at the East Estonian Central Hospital from 2009-2011, and as a consulting physician for oncology patients with cardiovascular problems at the Internal Medicine Clinic in North Estonia Medical Centre in 2010.

Dr Bisheva’s research is presently on PET use in radiotherapy planning for the head and neck cancer patients. She did a GCP training for investigators in 2011 and a training in Internal Medicine Emergencies in East Tallinn Hospital in 2010.