Astrid A. M. van der Veldt

Address Erasmus University Medical Center



Astrid van der Veldt, MD, PhD, is a medical oncolo­gist at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After obtaining her cum laude medical degree, she complet­ed two PhDs in medical oncology and nuclear medicine, resulting in a double dissertation with cum laude degree in 2012 at the VU University Medical Cent­er in Amsterdam. In 2016, she completed her training in internal medicine and medical oncology at the VU University Medical Center and The Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwen­hoek Hospital, respectively. Since 2017, she works at the Departments of Medical Oncology and Radiology & Nuclear Medi­cine at Erasmus MC. Her main research interests include immunotherapy, imaging and the treatment of melanoma, renal cell cancer, and urothelial cell cancer.