ESMO Press Commentary: Cancer Clinical Researchers Join Forces To Safeguard Independent Academic Research

The ultimate goal of the European Cancer Clinical Research Forum was to identify specific topics for joint action which will help safeguard the future of independent, academic cancer clinical research within Europe.

Research Forum 2014

EORTC President Roger Stupp and ESMO President Rolf A. Stahel

EORTC and ESMO co-hosted the European Cancer Clinical Research Forum on Monday, 27 October 2014 in Brussels to discuss issues related to conducting cancer clinical research in Europe. The forum was a step in the right direction towards identifying common issues, airing shared ambitions, and drawing up a plan of action to address issues.

The European Cancer Clinical Research Forum was attended by 65 participants representing European and International groups ( EORTC, CECOG, IBCSG, SPCG), umbrella organisations ( ENGOT, ETOP), societies (ESMO, SIOP), national groups ( ABCSG, AGO-Austria, SAAK, AGO, AIO, GEICAM, TTD, ARCAGY-GYNECO, FFCD, GSF, LYSA, ICORG, GORIC, ISG, DCCG), numerous cancer centres, and non-European guests ( JCOG, LACOG, and SLACOM).

The Forum allowed academic organisations to discuss issues affecting their research programmes, outline their joint ambitions and draft a plan of action for the benefit of patients.

The Forum is to be a proactive, pan European Initiative. Deliverables include mapping the gaps and barriers between European countries with respect to clinical trial regulation and conduct, and determining what should be done at European and national levels in terms of regulatory issues. An additional aim is to investigate alternative ways of financing academic infrastructures.

Working groups are looking into how best to improve interactions among cooperative groups, mapping the regulatory issues across Europe and safeguarding the future of clinical research in Europe.

The European Cancer Clinical Research Forum will meet again in Autumn 2015, and a special session is also foreseen for ECC 2015.

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ESMO President, R. Stahel announces his vision for the society. Focus on research: developing a better environment for clinical and translational research in Europe to find better treatments for cancer patients.