ESMO Press Releases

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Date Title Topic
20 Oct 2018 Pregnancy may be possible after chemotherapy for breast cancer patients – but many no longer wish to [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Breast cancer - Cancer in Special Situations / Population
20 Oct 2018 New research shows benefits of exercise for first time in advanced lung cancer [ESMO 2018 Press Release]
20 Oct 2018 Regular exercise should be part of cancer care for all patients [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Lung and other thoracic tumours - Palliative and supportive care
20 Oct 2018 Social vulnerability and medical skepticism top factors limiting adherence to cancer screening: an online survey [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Diagnosis, Imaging and Staging - Epidemiology/Etiology/Cancer Prevention
19 Oct 2018 Study indicates HER2+ early breast cancers where shorter-course trastuzumab could be an option [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Breast cancer - Bioethics, legal and economic issues
19 Oct 2018 Securing access to optimal cancer care through innovation, integration and sustainability [ESMO 2018 Press Release]
19 Oct 2018 Huge variations between countries in time for reimbursement decisions on new cancer drugs [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Bioethics, legal and economic issues
19 Oct 2018 Women more prone to selected oesophagogastric cancer chemotherapy side-effects [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Epidemiology/Etiology/Cancer Prevention - Personalised medicine
19 Oct 2018 One in six premenopausal early breast cancer patients do not adhere to hormonal therapy [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Breast cancer
17 Oct 2018 ESMO Women for Oncology Forum focuses on power sharing to foster gender equality [ESMO Media Alert]
16 Oct 2018 ESMO advocacy for patient-centred care takes on global dimension [ESMO Press Release]
16 Oct 2018 Financial impacts of cancer found to intensify disease burden among German patients [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Bioethics, legal and economic issues
12 Oct 2018 Breast cancer patients use Twitter as a non-medical forum to share their experiences [ESMO Press Release] Breast cancer
10 Oct 2018 Trust in non-conventional therapies by cancer patients not matched with proper awareness about their risks [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Sarcomas - Palliative and supportive care - Personalised medicine
09 Oct 2018 Targeted drugs for advanced cancer move from specialist units to community setting [ESMO 2018 Press Release] Pathology/Molecular biology - Personalised medicine