Rare Cancers Europe

About Rare Cancers Europe

The campaign Rare Cancers Europe has been developed by ESMO in collaboration with major European stakeholders in rare cancers and rare diseases to address challenges and propose solutions to eliminate the hurdles that patients with rare cancers, researchers, medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry working in this field face every day.

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The Call to Action Against Rare Cancers, is an integral part of the Rare Cancers Europe project. It is based on the Political Recommendations from the ESMO-hosted  conference "Rare Tumours in Europe: Challenges and Solutions" in Brussels in November 2008 and which brought together 150 European representatives on rare cancers and rare diseases from government bodies, research institutes, healthcare professionals, industry, patient groups and health advocates.

As the facilitator of the dialogue on inequalities in healthcare treatment relating to rare cancers, ESMO invites all oncology stakeholders to show their support for Call to Action Against Rare Cancers by adding their signature to the list of those supporting the campaign.