What is Medical Oncology?

Medical oncology is:

  • a core member of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and offers cancer patients a comprehensive and systemic approach to treatment and care, spanning the entire disease spectrum
  • adequate training in the comprehensive management of cancer patients, the safe delivery of systemic cancer treatments and the management of treatment side-effects and disease symptom
  • engaged in clinical and translational research to promote innovation and new therapies
  • an independent medical specialty and professional qualification in the majority of European countries
  • built on the highest standards of professional training and continuing medical education (CME)
  • partnering in multidisciplinary and comprehensive cancer care
  • ensuring evidence-based, safe and cost-effective use of cancer drugs and preserving the quality of life of cancer patients through the entire ‘cancer journey’
  • contributing to cancer diagnosis, prevention and research
  • a professional career that makes a difference for patients in a dynamic, stimulating professional environment
  • shaping the future of healthcare through innovation
  • active involvement at the political level
  • a contribution to society and ready to tackle future challenges