ESMO Biosimilars Portal

Biosimilars are medicinal products containing a similar version of the active substance of their biological originator or reference product and are derived from living organisms1.

ESMO’s position is that biosimilars present a necessary and timely opportunity as they can positively impact the financial sustainability of healthcare systems while improving access to medicines for patients. With the anticancer medicines market set to surpass the 140 billion EUR mark by 2020 ( ESMO Position Paper on Biosimilars), healthcare decision makers are confronted with economic challenges that could, in part, be addressed by the use of biosimilars. 

As of 2020 several monoclonal antibodies (moAbs), which are complex molecules of particular relevance in oncology, will come off patent. This will lead to the introduction of biosimilars, which will bring opportunities and challenges as the new products are brought into clinical use. 

In this changing environment, it is important for all key stakeholders: prescribers, pharmacists, nurses, patients, reimbursing bodies and manufacturers to understand the complexities of biosimilars and ensure that patients are being prescribed the safest and most efficacious treatment possible. 


  1. ESMO Position Paper on Biosimilars