Personalised Cancer Medicine Explained

How will a personalised approach in medical oncology affect cancer patients?

Personalised medicine is the future of cancer medicine. To make it a reality in the near future and to offer cancer patients improved treatments for their diseases, the patient’s active role is crucial.

ESMO is committed to educating patients in this evolving approach to cancer. The video interviews and articles in this section are designed to help patients (plus policy makers and other non-medical professionals) better understand the principles of personalised cancer medicine.

Personalised cancer medicine: what patients should know

ESMO is committed to educate cancer patients and their families on the basic principles of personalised medicine to make them knowledgeable about what is needed to get the best possible treatment for their disease. Participation in clinical trials is crucial, as is allowing biopsies of one's tumour or provide other biological material, elements which could make a difference...