Sphinx Oncology Center (Sphinx Cure)

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Prof. Dr. Tamer El Nahas
Address 90(A) Ahmed Orabi St
Giza, Cairo 12411


Contact Phone: (+202) 33043636 -
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Centre history

Sphinx oncology center is one of the pioneering oncology centres in the Middle East providing state-of-art oncological and palliative care services for cancer patients.

The centre was founded on 2003 by Prof. Tamer El-Nahas (Professor of clinical oncology with more than 20 years experience in the field of clinical oncology). The centre is committed to the philosophy of rendering the best quality-based services and has gained the attention of being an international cancer centre applying evidence-based practice.

Sphinx Cure collaborates with many reputable international cancer institutes and therfore provides expert medical advice covering the full spectrum of integrated oncology and palliative care.

Conducting clinical research is a cornerstone for improving the palliative care practice and supporting the evolution of new therapeutics, together with continuous education and training for the medical team members.

Department profile

Sphinx Cure provides a comfortable, healthy environment for patients and their families through 18 well-equipped single rooms with the most recent medical technologies. The centre is designed to provide the best quality-based service for the patients including early detection and screening, chemotherapy administration, inpatient care and palliative care including pain management, nutrition support, physiotherapy, spiritual care and psychological and social support. 

The centre provides a service for more than 2500 newly-diagnosed cancer patients per year, together with regular follow ups for more than 10000 patients a year.

A highly-qualified team of more than 35 staff members provides professional integrated care for patients. A clinical pharmacy equipped with biological safety cabinet system for a completely sterile environment ensures stabilisation of the drugs in the infusion set and safety of the clinical pharmacist.

Our diagnostic radiology and laboratory units are equipped with the best equipment with the availability of the most recent MySeq dx, Illumina, USA, DNA sequencer for molecular profiling of tumour tissue to enhance better access to molecular-targeted based treatment.

The well-trained home care team is capable of providing home-based chemotherapy administration together with providing palliative care service, thus continuity of care is achieved.

Areas of specialisation

Sphinx Cure is a specialised cancer center covering the wide spectrum of oncology and palliative care services including:

  • Medical oncology including early detection and screening, chemotherapy administration, outpatient and inpatient care
  • Radiation oncology including 3D & IMRT
  • Laboratory and molecular intelligence services
  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Palliative care services
  • Pain management
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Psycho-social support
  • Clinical research

Palliative and supportive care


Palliative care is considered a cornerstone in the care of cancer patients whether receiving chemotherapy or not. Patients and families are regularly assessed for palliative and supportive care needs by well-trained oncologists. A Highly-qualified palliative care team provides the needed palliative care services including pain management, nutrition support, physiotherapy, spiritual care, psychological and social support. Multidisciplinary meetings are held for better decision making and providing patients with the best treatment options. The home care team is available for supporting patients in need for palliative care 24/7.