Oncology Center GZA Sint-Augustinus

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr. Ruttent, Head of the department of Medical Oncology
Address Oosterveldlaan 24
2610 Wilrijk


Contact Tel: +32 3 443 37 37 -
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Oncology Center GZA Sint Augustinus, Wilrijk, Belgium


The Sint-Augustinus Oncology Centre was founded in 1988 as a joint Radiotherapy-Medical Oncology-Haematology Cancer Centre. In has become in this time span one of the largest Cancer Centres in Belgium. From its inception a separate Palliative Care Unit was integrated within the boundaries of the Sint-Augustinus Cancer Centre. The Sint-Augustinus Cancer Centre is part of an integrated cancer unit network: the Iridium Network, operating in the larger Antwerp region.


The Sint-Augustinus cancer centre includes among other medical collaborators 22 full time MDs: 6 Medical Oncologists, 4 Haematology specialists, 10 Radiotherapy-oncologists and Two Palliative Care physicians. Our Cancer Centre includes 45 dedicated beds for Medical Oncology in-patients and 15 beds for the Haematology Unit. The outpatient department includes 30 outpatient one-day beds. It includes an EUSOMA accredited Breast Unit, a phase I unit, an active clinical trials programme and a translational cancer unit.

The radiotherapy department includes 6 linear accelerators and one intra-operative radiotherapy device. The unit has pioneered stereotactic radiotherapy for intra-cranial tumours. The unit has also 3 brachytherapy after loading machines. The most important indications are breast applications, gynaecological applications and implantations of Jodium seeds for local limited prostate carcinoma.

In addition the cancer centre includes a separate residential Palliative Care unit encompassing 12 dedicated beds with an additional separated out-patient unit. The unit offers different types of residence including night-only and short stays. The pain clinic is integrated in our daily working as well as an extensive psychosocial support unit.


  • Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology with an emphasis on gynaecological and breast oncology
  • Haematology with an emphasis on treatment of acute leukaemia and autologic bone marrow transplantations

Palliative and supportive care

Oncology Center GZA Sint Augustinus, Staff, Wilrijk, Belgium

With palliative care we improve the quality of life and the comfort of terminal illness with good control of pain and symptoms, psychological and spiritual support. This is a mission for all collaborators who are involved in care for the patients: physicians, nurses, paramedics and volunteers.

In our hospital we have a palliative support team, who stimulates and watches over this care. This team and nurses, care, give advise and support to improve the quality of life. Our hospital has also a palliative unit for specialized care.