ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr. Cataldo Mastromauro
Address Ospedale Civile di Venezia
U.O. Oncologia Medica
Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo
Castello 6777


Contact Tel: +39(0)41 5294531 -

“ODO AVAPO Venezia” Association provides home care assistance to advance and terminal ontological patients that live in the Venice lagoon territory. Its activity, formalised by an agreement with the General Direction of ULSS 12, is part of palliative care network which operates in the whole territory of Venice lagoon and Mestre mainland.

The Centre of Palliative Care (CPC) is located on the same floor of the Medical Oncology Department in SS Giovanni e Paolo Hospital in Venice. Since the start of its activity in 1998 there has been a strong integration between CPC and the Medical Oncology Department.

The staff of the CPC are composed by different experts:  Medical Oncologist committed in palliative care, three doctor experts in Palliative Care, two Clinical Psychologists, Nurses, Hospital attendants and AVAPO Volunteers.

The coordinator of the palliative care services of ULSS12 is responsible of the integration of the several activities of palliative care network in lagoon and mainland (home care, hospice, and outpatient).

The head of Medical Oncology Department manages the integration of oncology, supportive and palliative care during all course of illness.

The organization and administrative coordinators of the CPC are members of the Board of AVAPO Venezia and two  AVAPO Venezia volunteers.

The CPC provides a Multidisciplinary Palliative evaluation with the involvement of diverse professionals: experts in Palliative Care, Medical Oncologists, Radiotherapy Oncologists, Pain Therapist, Psychologists, Nurses and other specialists on request.

The Centre is established as Domiciliary Hospitalization. Most hospital services are delivered at patient's home.

The centre provides logistic aid to others clinicians (not members of the Centre) who may need to reach the patient’s home.

Other hospital departments often require the CPC's evaluation for oncology patients who need palliative treatments.

When the patients are unable to cope at home or in case of family fatigue the CPC coordinates patients’ admission to the area Hospices (Fatebenefratelli in Venice, Nazareth and Policlinico S Marco in Mestre) or  to specific wards in Venice Hospital (Medical Oncology,  Department of Medicine).

Social support to relatives and to patients is offered by AVAPO Venezia Association.

A clinical psychologist offers both patient and family members support by:

  • Clinical interview at the patient’s house
  • Interviews with family members, either at home or at hospital, focusing on psychological problems related to the patient's conditions and their own burden of care
  • Family psychological support after the patient’s death to help the family come to terms with mourning

The CPC is annually involved in educational and research activities which promote the improvement of the integration of oncology and palliative care.

Additional Information

Further contact: Giambattista Pauletti giambattista.pauletti@gmail.com