HagaZiekenhuis, The Hague

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Patricia Quarles van Ufford- Mannesse, MD
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HagaZiekenhuis, The Hague, Netherlands


HagaZiekenhuis is a general hospital and has 3,763 employees and 245 medical specialists. Yearly more than a quarter of a million patients visit HagaZiekenhuis for treatment.

HagaZiekenhuis is one of nineteen large teaching hospitals in the Netherlands, providing highly specialised medical care, and associated in the STZ. Activities are focused on 3 key areas: treatment, research and teaching.


The department of medical oncology treats patients with common solid tumours. There is a separate respiratory and haemato-oncology department. Department staff includes 4 medical oncologists, 3 nurse practitioners, 2 research nurses and 15 specialized oncology nurses. The medical oncology ward consists of 14 diagnostic and palliative care beds and a chemotherapy unit with 12 inpatient-, 11 ambulatory beds and 6 chairs).

For all oncology patients a treatment plan is made in tumour specific multidisciplinary oncology meetings. Consultants of the Leiden university hospital participate through videoconference in these meetings.

There is an allied health team dedicated to our department with a social worker, psychologist, religious worker, physiotherapist and dietician. In a weekly interdisciplinary oncology meeting all new patients, patients who start new treatment and patients who need special care or symptom control are discussed.

Palliative and supportive care

HagaZiekenhuis Staff, The Hague, Netherlands

There is 24/7 oncologic and palliative care available for inpatients and outpatients. We work in close cooperation with other consultants, transfer service, GP’s, nursing homes and the home care palliative care services.

The hospital has a consultative Palliative Care Team (PCT) for oncology patients. This team consists of medical oncologists, anaesthesiologists, radiation oncologists, neurologists, nurse practitioners palliative care, a social worker, psychologist and a religious worker. Within the philosophy of our hospital, the treating physician remains responsible for the care of his/her patient.

Other cancer services available in the HagaZiekenhuis are radiation oncology, specialized imaging including PET/CT and MRI, oncology pharmacy, outpatient pain clinic, genetic counselling, speech pathology and stoma care. 

Additionnal Contact

Contact person: Johanneke Portielje, MD, PhD

Email address: j.portielje@hagaziekenhuis.nl