European Institute of Oncology, Milan

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Prof. Aron Goldhirsch
Address Via Ripamonti 435
20146 Milano


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The European Institute of Oncology started its activity in 1994 as a non-profit comprehensive cancer centre, active in three areas: clinic, research and training. The therapeutic approach for each patient at the Institute is discussed at weekly meetings attended by all the clinical divisions involved in the treatment process. The therapeutic choices and the treatment plans are signed jointly by the physicians from the various disciplines handling the case. This guarantees that the patients receive the best treatment available.


  • Close interdisciplinary approach
  • Conjunction with several associations, including the local University of Milan
  • Close relationships with IFOM Experimental Oncology Campus
  • 230 beds, 20% as single bed rooms
  • Approx. 600 full time and part time nurses and physicians
  • Robotic Surgery Centre and dedicated Robotic Surgery School
  • Ovarian Cancer Centre
  • Rapid Palliative Radiotherapy Centre
  • Internal Volunteers’ Association and Nurses’ Call Centre for patients
  • Pain Free Hospital Project since 2000
  • A new Day Care Centre available in Spring 2010 


Radiation Oncology and Barchitherapy,  Medical and Haemato-Oncology, H&N, Thoracic and Abdominal surgery, Gynaecological and Urological surgery, Breast and Plastic surgery, Melanoma and Sarcoma, Interventional Radiology, Molecular Medicine Unit.

Palliative and supportive care

The Medical Oncology Division has a global care programme based on an approach to oncology patients as indicated by ESMO, ASCO and EAPC guidelines. Symptom control, palliative and supportive care are part of everyday cancer care management. A dedicated Supportive and Palliative Care Unit takes care of difficult patients, both within an in and out patients regimen, in conjunction with the Psycho-oncology Unit. Three beds are available for medical emergencies and palliative care. A nurses’ directed Call Centre is available for continuity of care. 

Additional Contacts

Dr. Daniela Cattaneo
Loredana Lunghi (Head Nurse)