ELqabbary Specialist Hospital Clinical Oncology and Palliative Care Center

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr Waleed Hamdy Abd-Elhamid Nafae
Address Prince Loaeloae street,
Beside ELqabbary mosque



Contact Tel: +201128488322/ +201275824861 -
Elqabbary Specialist Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt


ELqabbary Specialist Oncology and Palliative Care Centre was the 1st comprehensive centre of oncology and palliative care in Governmental Egyptian Ministry of health.

Its mission is to provide the best care with the recent updated protocols, by the most qualified specialists according to the international guidelines. It has dedicated multidisciplinary teams in oncology, haematology, and paediatric cancers as well as palliative, home health care and screening programmes.


The centre comprises: 84 inpatient beds, 30 outpatients beds, 5 consultation offices , Linear accelerator, CT simulator, CT planning system for 3DCRT, one medical Director and 20 specialist medical oncologists, one palliative care consultant, one nutrition consultant, three internal medicine specialists, two pain management and control specialist, one health care quality specialist, one data-manager, two infection control specialist, 10 clinical oncology and palliative care residents, two consultants for medical biophysics, four specialists for physics, 60 nurses, 10 radiotherapy technicians, 10 radiology technicians.

We have dedicated multidisciplinary teams who treat and give healthcare services in the field of all common, rare solid cancers, paediatric cancers as well as palliative and screening programmes. Moreover, the staff is dedicated to teach young professionals.

The cancer centre provides different services: Medical Oncology, Clinical Haematology, Chemotherapy Unit, Internal Medicine, Paediatric Oncology, Hepatology, and Cancer Screening programme, Palliative Care Service, Psycho-Oncology and Nutrition Unit.

Complete radiological and laboratory assessment are provided through our radiology and laboratory departments. Also, our centre provides interventional radiological procedures such as palliative measures for ascetic fluid tapping and pleurodesis and PEG tail and PEG tube insertion.


ELqabbary specialist Oncology and Palliative Care Center offers  diagnosis and treatment for patients with early and advanced solid or haematological malignancies. Our team includes highly qualified Oncologists, haematologists, palliative care consultant, internal medicine specialists, pain management specialist, nutrition consultant, infection control specialist, clinical pharmacist and well trained nursing staff in addition to home health care team.

Palliative and supportive care


The centre incorporates expert medical and nursing care in palliative care unit. The palliative care service is provided by one palliative care consultant, four consultant oncologists, and 20 specialists in clinical oncology in addition to 10 residents. The service is also supported by physiotherapist, nutrition specialist, psycho-oncology specialist, pain control specialist and sixty nurses fifteen of them in palliative care unit. Our centre provides home visits by home health care team. Patient awareness meetings are regularly organized.